Friday, November 25, 2011


I am so sick and tired of this gray, boring weather. Go away you bastard, I want my sun back! Doesn't matter it if comes together with snow or without it, but I just want some God damn sun in this God forsaken hellhole.

Grrr, I need a vacation...

Anyway, today's singing practice was fun, got a private lesson since the other girls didn't show up for some reason, but at least my solo for the final show is advancing nicely, no problems there as long as I remember to breath. :D Sort of a fast song so I need to focus on my breathing quite a lot.

Now I'm gonna kick back with a movie and maybe have a cup of tea or something, the weather seems perfect for that. Tomorrow's my sisters birthday so we're gonna have her come over and celebrate a little.

Ó and his girlfriend relaxing, taken a few days ago. How cute ain't that? <3

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