Monday, November 28, 2011


I've just finished off packing, I'm fresh out from the shower and now enjoying an episode or two of Top Gear before I head off to Hestbakki for a week. So you'll get a break from my boring everyday life. :D

I'll be training Bloffe for all I'm worth so that we are good to go for Sara's course in the weekend.. It's going to be a great weekend; Sara's course, good company, good horses, a nice courseplace ( we've rented a stable with a riding hall for the occasion ) and I'm sure we'll learn loads of great new things to use in the future!
After the week at Hestbakki, I'll be at home for a week, with the movie shooting the 10th and then the 12th I'm off to Sweden for a few days to check out the place where I'll be living and working from January forth.
After Sweden it's the fashion and talent show the 19th, the same day my relatives from Australia arrive, and the 21th we're going to Estonia for a day with the whole family and the Australians. And then it's already Christmas! Wow, December's going to be a busy month... Oh well, better that than sitting at home, bored out of my mind.

Now I'm going to put some decent clothes on and then wait for my ride. Adios amigos and have a great week!

Old picture, oh how I miss you summer.... If you're wondering, I'm stripy since I've got the venetian blinds down.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's raining outside right now like no tomorrow, and the wind is absolutely insane. About and hour ago, the electricity went off and we were sitting here, in complete darkness for over and hour. It was sort of fun, but at the same time a little scary since there was no light to be seen anywhere! I went for a quick walk, with a flashlight in my pocket just in case, to see how severe the cut off was. I had to walk for quite a while before I could spot light, and that was on the other side of the city border, ie in Kauniainen. Spooooky.

Anyway, since I had enough battery on my computer, I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2... Again.....
No matter how many times I watch it, I still end up crying and shivering with goosebumps in the "worst" places.... ( Since I know at least one person why reads my blog and hasn't seen DHP2, ( the blashpemy! ) I'm noit going to spoil it.. ;) )
How can a movie be so touching, it's incredible... Each time I hear the theme song I just feel like crying, it's so amazing...

Oh well, now I need to start packing my stuff since I'm leaving for the stable tomorrow, staying for at least a week. Going to be riding and helping around at the stable, and then Sara's course in the weekend, YAAY!

Oh, and I bought a pare of shoes today from Nelly. I yberlove them, can't wait 'till I get them home and get to try them on!

Goodnight and sleep tight folks!

Good to go to bed with these guys in ya thoughts... :D Yum.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

On that bombshell, I'm off to bed. Good night.


So today was my sisters birthday so basically I've just been chilling with her, eating cake and just being random like hell. My sister is the best person in the world, love her to bits! <3

We also had a quick run at the stable with Blanca, simply rode our horses and then drove back home again. Was quite a quick visit. Ófeigur still seems a bit weird after his illness a few weeks back so I'll have to keep and eye on him, maybe ask my stable manager for a second opinion as well.

Tomorrow I have no plans what so friggin' ever so I'm just going to relax, maybe try to get something useful done and then maybe pack my stuff for a stable stay. I'm thinking about going to the stable on Monday and then stay all week since Sara Ástþórsdóttir is visiting us at Hestbakki again next weekend and I want to prepare Ó. YAY that she's coming to Finland again, I am an official member of the Sara Á Fanclub! :D

Anyways, now I want to go and get some toast, something to drink and then kick back and watch a movie or something. Have a nice weekend folks!

 Two more behind the scenes picture from the "Dior" shoot a few weeks back. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


I am so sick and tired of this gray, boring weather. Go away you bastard, I want my sun back! Doesn't matter it if comes together with snow or without it, but I just want some God damn sun in this God forsaken hellhole.

Grrr, I need a vacation...

Anyway, today's singing practice was fun, got a private lesson since the other girls didn't show up for some reason, but at least my solo for the final show is advancing nicely, no problems there as long as I remember to breath. :D Sort of a fast song so I need to focus on my breathing quite a lot.

Now I'm gonna kick back with a movie and maybe have a cup of tea or something, the weather seems perfect for that. Tomorrow's my sisters birthday so we're gonna have her come over and celebrate a little.

Ó and his girlfriend relaxing, taken a few days ago. How cute ain't that? <3

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today's been a gray, rainy day but thankfully, spent at the stable, it didn't seem so bad! Good company and horses is always a good cure against a typical, Finnish fall depression. Ó was great to ride, but I need to make sure he's not hurting anymore. After all, he has just gotten over the boil he had in his hoof and I'm afraid he's still a bit tender.

Anyways, new try tomorrow and then singing practice later in the evening. We're rehearsaling for the show in December, let's see how it goes!

Now I'm going to go on a late siesta ( I am so full after a delicious dinner, I need to lay down! ) and watch some TV.

Pic when Blanca and I had to take the hellbus home from Helsinki since we missed the train... 
I'm showing my phone to the camera since it said 01.00 on the screen at this point and I was FRUSTRATED. :'D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DO..... WANT!

Okay, pardon my groupie - ness for a second, but I found THIS on and my inner petrol head is dying a slow death....

Oh my holy Jesus... I want that car, seriously! It is so God damn beautiful and  amazing - I have to get one some day! One day, I swear, you'll see me behind the wheel of one of those and you'll be picking your jaw up from the dirt. One day.... 
Okay, that might take a while but look at it! Stunning! Altho' another thing that's quite stunning is how thirsty that thing is... 17.5 litres/100 km in the city... woops.

Naah, it's okay.
Anyways, I'm a huge Porsche fan, and especially a sucker for the 911 GT3. One day I want to drive one of those... Untill then I'll stick to what I have.. which is nothing. :D Hahah, does a petrolhead GET lamer than me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yup, the day has come. I've finally lost the last drop of sanity I ever had in my poor little body, unfortunate but true. Today, on our way home from the shooting, Blanca and I popped in at Yliopiston Apteekki since I wanted to buy something I've planned on buying for ages. And that something is Biotin Forte, a biotin pill made for dogs, cats and horses. Believe it or not. 

The pill contains biotin, methionine and zinc which is supposed to increase growth or hair  and nails, and also calm your skin down if you suffer of a skin both sensitive but with a propensity to impurities. Like me for example. So, after much googling and contemplating, I decided to give it a go. I mean, what's the harm? None of those ingredients are harmful even if you'd swallow all the pills at once ( which I don't recommend for the sake of your economy and sanity ) and therefore you can't overdose. Yay for that! The only drawback  is that they taste like utter shit, let me make that clear. I try to swallow them faster than the speed of light because the taste is just... my God... so gross!
But hey, no pain no gain as they say... Hng, why do I care about my hair so much.... >.<

So I shall keep and eye on my hair and nails for at least the next two months and hopefully I'll see at least some progress!


Another fun day shooting behind again, this time together with Blanca. Unfortunately today's shoot was sort of boring compared to the others I've been too, but at least she knows what it's like now! :)
Aki, the co-producer, also said he had another shoot for me to December, but more about that when I get informed about it properly. But I can spill you a key word; movie. ;) So exciting, I'm starting to become hooked to this feeling.

Now I'm going to stuff my stomach full with some delicious salmon I made yesterday, then get changed and go ride with Blanca. Gonna be a late start today since we get the car after 3 PM, but that's better than no car at all.
Might blog something later if I find the time and energy to it, but if not than have a good day!

Kitchen,  food and Sara Bareilles on the stereo. Life's quite good right now.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday Blanca and I went nuts with some wine, tequila and Koskenkorva so today I am so tired I could just sleep all day. Must... stay... awake....

Anyways, we had a blast and today my muscles are aching from all the dancing. Fun!
Tomorrow we're hitting the Helsingin Herra - shoot together, let's see what Blanca thinks about that stuff. :D

Now I'm simply too tired to write anything properly so I'll just keep on watching Top Gear.

Me on last Wednesdays portfolio shoot at the agency, I loved my outfit!
The skirt and fur - thingy are mine, the rest of the clothes were the agency's. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I really haven't done anything worth telling today, so I'll just wish you good night and end this post with a picture that totally made me laugh.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Gah, I am so bloody pissed off an irritated right now I just feel like hitting my fist through a wall. I'm irritated and so disappointed in myself for being so starry eyed and stupid, it's unbelievable, I just want to strangle myself. And a few other others as well for being selfish, greedy bastards for taking all my money and basically not giving SHIT in return. AAARGH I'm so bloody pissed off. How could I be this stupid and naive?!!?

I'm just gonna go pout somewhere in a corner and wish for a better day tomorrow, nighters everyone.

ARGHHH. stupidmoronidiotwhatthefrigginghelliswrongwithyou.


Wow, time does fly when you're having fun doesn't it... o.0 I don't really know what had kept me so occupied lately, but I never managed to find time to squeeze a little blogging there in between. Oh well, back on track.

Basically what I've been up to is stable, stable, stable, modeling school, singing lessons and just hanging out with friends. This Wednesday we had the portfolio shoot at the agency, which was so much fun, and then after that Blanca and I hit Llamas for a few drinks. Which ended up with us missing our train ( d'oh!) and taking the bus home which took forever.... Srsly, it felt like an ice age had the time to pass by before we got to the busstop nearest to us. And then had to walk home from there on top of it all. Sigh, oh well, it was fun so no harm done.

In a few hours I'm hitting off to singing lessons, we are going to practice our songs for a performance in December, exciting!! After that I just wanna relax at home and sleep tomorrow morning since I haven't been able to sleep in the morning all week. So Saturday morning is sanctified for sleep, and then Sunday is going to be all action babies. First my sisters babyshower and then TEEEQUIIIILA night with Blanca. Except I'll skip the tequila and go with Salmari instead. :D

Now I need to get back to some paperwork, have a nice day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Jesus Christ I joined the "weird-ass-dreams-in-the-morning" - club once again this morning, holy cow I tells ya!
Don't really know what the bloody hell my brain was thinking when it made me take a tattoo by a person NOT qualified as an tattoo artist and then wouldn't let me open my eyes because the sun was shining too bright. What the fuq. Sp confusing and weird to wake up from dreams like that and not know what the hell just happened.

Oh well, moving on.
Today I've got my portfolio photoshoot at the model agency, gonna be fun fun fun fun! And after that out for some drinks with me amiga Blanca. Loooong day ahead, thankfully I get to sleep on Thursday. And then rehearsals at Friday, then some sleep again on Saturday and then my sisters babyshower on Sunday. Oh boy, should stop planning ahead like this. :D

Now I'm gonna hop into the shower, have a nice day everybody!

I refuse to admit being this stupid.... :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I don't really understand how I can be this tired since I haven't even done anything special today. Just went to the stable with Blanca, took Ó for a walk and then just came home. Whadapp, how come I just want to lay in bed and do nothing.

Gah, need to get a grip.

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the stable, then modeling lessons and then to Llamas with Blanca in the evening, should be a day filled with activities at least.

Now I just ran out of stuff to say so here's a fun picture instead.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I have a small, hair related plan going on in my mind, but I can't decide whether or not to do it...
I'd love to, but then again I think my hair has already suffered so much during my coloring - adventures in the past..

Hmm hmm, decisions, decisions....

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since today was fathers day, I've just spent time with my family, eating good food and just relaxing with everyone. I haven't even put on proper clothes, that's how lazy I've been. My sister and Patricia came over to stay the night, and my brothers family visited us in the morning, eating cake and chatting before heading home. So in short, it's been a fairly good day.

Now that everything has calmed down, I have put myself in a sort of melancholy state of mind. Listening to Coldplay's The Scientist and thinking about life in general ain't too healthy for me... I end up in a dark place somewhere in the long lost corner of my mind where I hide all my insecurity, fears and doubts. Once I open the door to that corner, I am lost for the rest of the day, making myself feel worse and worse for each hour that passes by. It's a scary phenomena and I really hate when it happens.

But I can't help it, once I start to deal with the thoughts, I find it hard to let them go. They just swallow me whole and make me want to wrap myself inside a blanket and hide in the corner of my bed. Scary shit but it happens....

Oh well, better lighten up and try to get something useful done. Like cleaning or something, I don't know.

Here's a picture to lighten up the mood, and if I don't have anything worth saying before I hit the sack tonight, then good night and sweet dreams everybody!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Gah, here I thought baking a Tiramisu - cake was easy... No way Jose, my arm is killing me right now and I've spent more or less the whole evening in the kitchen fighting with that bloody cake. Oh well, now it's done. Let's hope all my hard work paid off and the taste will please everybody tomorrow, since we're celebrating Fathers day at our place.

Now I'm so tired, after a long day at the stable, then at my sister's place and now in the kitchen, I can barely figure out how to write a proper sentence so I'll just surrender to the sleepiness and hit the sack. Nighters and wish your dads a great Father's day!

Haha, totally made me laugh. Thank you lolsofunny for making my "sleep deprivationed" humor even lousier.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today has been such a long day, I just feel like crawling under the duvet and never getting up. Since I had to be in Helsinki at 11 for this mornings shooting, I woke up already at 9 to shower and get ready. After all that crap I bummed a ride from my mum who was going to Stockmann.

Since I had stage acting lessons in the evening, there was no point in me getting home in between shooting and lessons, so I just walked around in 10 cm heels all bloody day long. And spent shitloads of money...
- facepalm -
How the hell are you supposed to restrain yourself from shopping with fresh money on the bank account and with loads of time on your hands?! It's physically impossible, I swear.

Anyways, I got loafs of great Christmas presents, a few for my mum and my sister, and then some stuff for myself like a new bottle of eco shampoo and a bottle of eco conditioner  ( from Ruohonjuuri .)  I already love both! I also got a furry scarf - like thing from UFF and a new make-up bag and a ring from Seppälä. Shopping - wise, not a bad day at all even if my feet were killing me.

Tomorrow it's Hestbakki's 5 year birthday, which is where I'll be heading in the morning. So now I'm off to bed with freshly washed and conditioned hair and a pair of exhausted feet. Goodnight and have a great weekend!

G'night. <3

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I totally had a near death experience today in the morning!! ...Well, almost. Sort of..

Well the thing is that I am ( apparently, I didn't even know myself ) afraid of heights, especially when it comes to bridges. So today in the morning when I had to cross a bridge in Suvilahti to get to my TV - shootings, I totally panicked and in my head the situation really felt like I was going to die.
The bridge was an old, wooden bridge with a lot of cracks between the boards, so I could see the morning traffic rush by right underneath me, and that totally freaked the living crap outta me! And since the bridge was quite long ( crossing over 4 lanes on Sörnäisten rantatie, Helsinki - people know what I'm talking about ) I totally panicked halfway across and thought I was going to pass out and die or something...
The bridge I had to cross. This is going to haunt my nightmares....

The weird thing is, I didn't even know I was so afraid of heights, I totally did not see the panic coming. But thankfully I made it ( haha, I sound so dramatic ) and later in the day, I could even laugh about it all with my producer who totally made fun of me. :D

Anyway, shooting today was great fun and I was invited to come again tomorrow in the morning. Tomorrow's going to be the 6th time I assist/act for the same producer in this TV - show. It's been a real pleasure working with them!

This morning's set before we got started. The morning sun was absolutely gorgeous!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the shootings again, hopefully it will be as fun as before. And after that I've got stage acting lessons as well, it's going to be a great day!

Goodnighters everyone!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As I said, I went to look at Ó today, who is really hurting I tells ya. He can't walk, he can barely even put the hurting foot down, the poor thing! We're keeping an eye on him 'till Thursday and then take a new look at the foot if it refuses to get better.

Anyways, as I promised yesterday, here are some backstage pictures from the photoshoot we had yesterday! All pictures taken by Blanca who was photographing with my Canon Ixus.

Food is an essential part of getting ready for a photoshoot...

Blanca took over as my hairstylist.

Me parrot! <3

"Take five everybody!"

Yesterday was a good day....

Monday, November 7, 2011


I've had such a fun day today I can't even begin to describe it! My friend and I took the train to Karjaa this morning to go to VNF for a photoshoot my friend was arranging. We were making a re-make of Dior's Miss Dior Chérie - commercial, the one with the balloons, and it was sooo much fun!! my favorite commercial of all time, and now I got to be the model for the re-make, I was so honored and happy about it!

We had a blast the whole day, shooting from approx. 11 AM - to 5 PM and then wrapping it all up with some dancing and making fools out of ourselves before cleaning up and calling it a day. I can't wait to see the results, the pictures looked amazing already on the camera screen, I have a great feeling about them! :) I have some backstage footage and shall show them to you tomorrow when I have more time.

Now I'm going to hit the sack so that I am up and running tomorrow in the morning when my friend and I hit the road to the stable, she to ride her horse and me to greet my little prince who's closed inside the stable because he's ill. :( I'm so afraid that it's something serious, but hopefully he'll get better in no time!

Nighters everyone!

The cutest and prettiest commercial ever. <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wow, I am so confused right now. :D

Just after posting that last post, I lost my way to the Stats - site on blogspot, and noticed that somebody had viewed my blog 5 AM in the friggin' morning this night? Whattaaaa fuq? :D

Who are you, you weird nocturnal creature and why aren't you in bed at 5 in the bloody morning? Haha, I am so confused.
I also noticed that somebody in Russia is, or at least has, read my blog and this sort of amazes me. Who in Russia, or any place else to be honest, would find my gibber jabber interesting enough to read? I feel honored, haha.

Oh well, it's a funny world apparently.
Now I'm going to watch some Glee and try to stay away from the kitchen cupboard where all the sweets are hidden. My sweet tooth is screaming for mercy and begging me to go over there but I have to stay strong. Christmas is only a month away and then we can feast with chocolate like there's no tomorrow, soon darling, soon....

Day 25 - what do you live for

Wow, this answer is going to sounds insanely self-absorbed but what I live for, is my own life. No kidding. I live for myself, I'm not on this planet for somebody else and I know that. If I want to live my life to the fullest, and be happy, than the only way to do that is to make decisions and actions that impact my life the way I want it to head.

Everybody will probably think I'm a self-centered bitch for saying something like that, but it's true. You can't live your life a certain way because of other people, it's your life, your story and you have to live it the way you want, not the way others want.

So I live for happiness in my life. I live for things I love, like music, horses, friends, laughter, smiles, good movies, food etc... I live to feel good and be happy, and I try to gather things that make me happy in my surroundings.

I a nutshell;
I live for happiness.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Since I was too tired to head to Kaivohuone today for the Svenska Natten - party, I decided to stay at home with a great glass of Riesling and some good TV also known as The Big Bang Theory. I don't have anything to complaint about, I think this is a perfectly good way of spending a Saturday night to be honest. Nice and quite, some alone time. :)

Have a good weekend everybody!

Day 24 - what are you afraid of

Oh boy, let's get a little serious here...

I think what I'm afraid of the most is to live my life without accomplishing anything. I am so bloody scared that my life will just pass me by and I won't notice it until it's too late. I want to make my life worth living, I want to leave a mark and make a difference. The thought of not doing anything important with my life is absolutely unbearable. That is for sure the thing I'm the most afraid of.

I need to relate to this quote more....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 23 - song of the day

Almost forgot the challenge today, but here goes.

Hmm, I have two "songs of the day" depending on the mood I was in today. 

In the morning I was totally partying my tiny tush off to this...
So bloody good even if I love the original as well! I love the chorus with everybody singing along and creating this amazing choir of feeling good and being so friggin' happy!

And then ...
This is just pure beauty, seriously. She sounds so fragile and petite and still so strong thanks to the amazing lyric. Just... wow.


Just came home from practice and Stockmann. Practice was fun and shopping at Stockmann was even more fun! Got a couple of things I've been craving for a couple of months already.

Wearing the lip tint in the picture, I love the colour. <3

Here they are;
Maxfactor Lash Exstension Effect - mascara, one of the best I've ever used
Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Tint - so bloody brilliant I don't have any words left to praise it with!
Lumene Touch of Radiance Highlighter - sort of awesome as well, really like the way it soothes out the skin.

Material happiness is sometimes so underrated.... But tonight I'm enjoying my purchases, adding more of the lip tint all the time just because I totally love the feeling of putting it on, feels so funky! :D
Bye bye money but heeeeeellooo falsified beauty! 


Today's been a good day. Woke up after a decent amount of sleep, finally, and then just spiked up the volume on my computer to dance around in the house! Best way to start a day, really! Nothing better than dancing around to Darren Chris' Last Friday Night and just letting everything that's been on my mind go. Ah, thank God it's Friday.

Tonight I have stage acting lessons again, but before that I should hail myself to Helsinki Stockmann for some Christmas shopping, kjeh kjeh I wanna spend some moneyyy! Now when I finally have some left over.

I was also looking at flights to London, a trip to visit my sweetest, greatest and best Siiri in Muswell Hill would fit perfectly in my schedule before I take off to Sweden. So Seaweed darling, if you happen to read this before you force your Internet connection to co-operate with Skype, hail yourself to Skype so I can see your pretty face and hear from you again! <3

Now I shall continue my "partying" with some Top Gear and hopefully some more good music. Have a great day everybody!

Me right now in the breakfast table, I look like a homeless person... o.0

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 22 - your wardrobe

Since I promised I'd keep the challenge - updates going, here goes.

My wardrobe, oh boy... Let's put it this way; not the most organized part of my room to be honest.
I tend to throw my clothes on my armchair in the corner after using them, and then just leave them there until I have to shove them into the washer when I run out of clothes. He he.

But shortly described, my wardrobe is sort of boring and not very matching. My clothes rarely match well, and it takes quite a lot of effort to create an outfit that won't make me look like I'm 12 years old and still dressed by my mother, if you get my gist.

I also keep my hygiene stuff in the wardrobe, as you might have noticed on the first picture. 

The wardrobe itself is old like hell, broken down and way too small for all my stuff but what can you do, I just have to make the best out of the situation and just laugh at the poor old thing. Time for a new one at some point I think.

So, there you have my wardrobe in a quick presentation. Vóla.


Heeyo everybody, I'm home again!

My "mini vacation" to the stable kind of expanded for over a week, but that's okay since I had a blast. Just hung around with all the great people over there, rode Ófeigur ( who's better than ever, seriously!) and relaxed. A perfect way to spend time I tell ya.

Now I've also - finally - arranged everything so that I can now say with 100% certainty say that

I am so excited I can't even begin to describe it. Kinda scary at the same time but it's going to be so great to just get out there and try my wings a little. It's been a long time waiting but now I've finally made up my mind and I'm actually going.

And a small update on today's program; woke up at 4.15 instead of 5.15 as I had planned since I forgot to set my Wake Up Light - clock to winter time. Woopsie. Oh well, slept one more hour before I had to drag my ass out of bed and get going to Koskela hospital where I participated in a TV - series shoot. It was with the same co - director with whom I had worked with before, so once again I had a blast with the crew, and I'm going to a shoot again next Thursday. This acting thing is really setting off it seems like. I don't mind, could get used to this! :D

Tomorrow I'm off to Helsinki for a Christmas present - hunt, and then stage school lessons in the evening. And SLEEP in the morning. For Christ's sake I need my sleep! If anybody dares to wake me up before 10 AM tomorrow, I'm going to go bonkers. And if what should happen, I will not be responsible for the injuries you might suffer. Just a heads up.

Now I'm going to reload my HIMYM - batteries since I missed the last two episodes while at the stable. Stinson out!