Friday, December 30, 2011


I was offered a night shift at the store so guess who said yes and now has to go to work 9 o'clock in the friggin' evening? On a FRIDAY! Haha, I'm pathetic... But if you need money then why not, I get nice bonuses.

So I'm off to work ( that sounds weird to say at this hour ) and back home about half past six - yay! Goodnighters you lucky bastards that get to go to bed soon.


Today is again one of those boring gray days that makes you just want to curl up in bed with a good movie or something.

I have some stuff going on right now, connected to my moving abroad, so I don't really have much to tell you guys. But hopefully I'll get back on track again soon!

Tomorrow's New Years Eve, what you guys up to? As previously stated, I'm going to be the designated driver for our gang going to Yliskylä, Helsinki, but I'm sure it's going to be fun anyway!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Blanca and I went to the movies yesterday and saw Sherlock Holmes - The Game of Shadows. Amazing! I absolutely loved it! And loved seeing Jude Law as a horseman, doesn't get much better than that haha. Except Robert Downey Jr on a Shetland pony. :'DD
I also bought a new sweater once we were in Iso Omena and skimmed through the sales. I shall show it to you guys later!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Meh, my thoughts were definitively somewhere else today since I didn't find anything from the sales! Feels weird to walk into a shopping center and not buy anything else than nail polish! Haha.

Nail polish by Mavala, colours "Bangkok" and "Arosa."
The one on my nails right now is Chanels "Gold"

Oh well, I've got loads of stuff going on in my head right now - a feeling I'm not very keen on - so I just need to... relax and try to figure all this sh*t out. So I'm going to head to bed and watch the new movie "One Day" with some Cola and snacks. Goodnighters and see you tomorrow!


I've just gotten out from the shower and about to head to Leppävaara for som Christmas sales shopping. Hoping to find a pair of shoes and a coat maybe. We'll see! If I find anything, I shall show to you when I get home.


Wearing my new bathrobe that the Aussies gave me. Insanely soft!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today has been one of those lazy days. Just slacking at home, watching movies and eating more chocolate than I should. But the highlight was talking with my dearest Siiri in the morning! We had loads of gossip to share, it was so effin' great to talk to her again after a long ( waaaay too long, we need to shape up Sirius! ) break. So awesome to get to talk with somebody that understands and knows what's going on. Especially when it comes to guys. :D

I also got a sudden urge to watch Disney movies after that skypecall so I watched both Lilo & Stitch and The Lion King in the afternoon. I heart my inner child! <3

There's a nice smell in room at the moment since the hyacinth my ridingteacher gave me, has finally opened and the flowers smell incredible! I'm intoxicated by the smell since the flower is sitting right next to me on the table. Love it.

I'm off to bed - trying to get my sleeping habits back in shape - so goodnight everybody!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I heart Louis Vuitton

Holy friggin' hell... I am so blown away right now.

From time to time I help out my old classmate's family by taking their dog out on walks. I have done this for quite a while now, and they have paid me well ever since I started doing it regularly. They also give me a Christmas present each year, and this year the mother really took it too far according to me. Waaaaay to far, this is just unreasonable...

The woman gave me a friggin' Louis Vuitton pashmina! A real friggin' LV!!

I don't care about the fact that I look like a bum - I have a friggin' LV pashmina!!

That thing is worth such a shitload of money I can't even begin to describe how insanely thankful I am! I am never taking this baby off, ever again. Hell, I could walk on the streets with nothing else than the pashmina and underwear on me, seriously. :D
I have never owned LV anything, and most likely never will again since they are so insanely expensive. This thing is never going to leave my household. ever. I absolutely love it.

So thank you Johanna so insanely much, I am never, ever going to accept your payment for the walks again. :D

Now I'm gonna boil me some water and make some noodles to eat with my new chopsticks, made out of cherry wood that the Australians bought to me from Japan. Wow, I am so being spoiled with awesome stuff right now. 


"- You're funny! - And you're drunk. - So are you? - But I'm always funny. Or then I'm just always drunk..."

Haha, I can't stop laughing when I recall that scene, where that conversation above was held, in my head. My friend was quite a lot drunker than I think he would like to admit. :D

I miss Tallin so much right now, it's insane. I just want to go back there, now. Doesn't matter where I'd stay or for how long, I just want back. Oh well, I'll just have to hope I can find the time and money to visit again soon.

Christmas is officially over now that all my relatives have got their presents and we've eaten most of the food there was left. So now I'm just going to enjoy the gapdays and look forward to New Years Eve! The plan is to celebrate New Year's Eve at our family friend's place in Laajasalo, Helsinki. I'm most likely going to be the designated driver so no drinking for me.

Now there's Kung Fu Panda on the telly so I'm going to enjoy watching that with the rest of my family. Hope you had a great day, see ya!

In Tallinn a few years ago, on Toompea.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


That annoying moment when you realize you're starting
 to get attached to person you shouldn't even like....


In the whim of a moment I decided to change my header - for at least a while - to a more "Christmasy" - one. Altho'  I do have two different options, and I can't decide which one to use.

You guys have any opinions?

The one I'm using right now.

Or the "face" version of a photo from the same photoshoot.

Or the old one?

Do tell if you have an opinion, I can't decide.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


So Christmas eve is over and I am feeling a little... well, I don't even know what I'm feeling right now. To spend the eve with my family was great, we ate good food and lingered the whole evening which was great. But then I felt like I needed some time for myself and went out for a little walk in the quiet December night, enjoyed the fresh air and the stillness.

I realized that I'm a bit lost with my life at the moment, I'm sort of feeling nostalgic and a little sad at the same time. I just can't seem to figure out what my purpose in life is, how I'm going to achieve those goals and dreams that I'm trying to reach out to so bad. I know what I want - I think - but I can't figure out how to get where I want to go. And at the same time I'm torn between two worlds I can't imagine leaving, neither one of them. I have this side in my that wants to just get out there and live my life as I've always planned it in my head, but then again I'm a little bit too insecure even tho I realize I have to ball up in order to ever grow up. And at the same time there's this part of me that just wants to go back to how things were. And looking and longing back will never get you anywhere.

Why does it have to be so hard?
I'm listening and singing along to Deb Talan's "Comfort" right now, over and over again, hoping that it would make me feel a bit better. Not sure if it is, or if it's just making things worse.

Oh well, it's starting to get late so I think I'm going to head dreamland in my sweet Muumin - sheets and try to watch a movie, perhaps. Goodnight folks and see you again tomorrow! ( or today if we're being exact. Whatever, you get the point. Nighters. )

Very old picture of me, taken in 2008 maybe.


Happy holidays to you guys, where ever you live or whenever you celebrate! Enjoya  peaceful and beautiful holiday and make sure to relax and just enjoy life!

I'm going to celebrate Christmas at home with my family, just as I always have and most likely always will if I get to choose. Right now there's Estonian Christmas music playing in the kitchen stereo, a smell of spruce in the whole house and a calm atmosphere, I love Christmas!

Have a very merry Christmas and see you again soon!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Gaah, I feel frustrated when I lose my inspiration to blog. Not that this is such a big blog and(or that thousands of readers would be disappointed when I don't post on a while, but it just feels annoying to know you'd have stuff to blog but can't find the effort. Mehh. I still have the pictures from Sweden on my phone but I just can't find the energy to actually transfer them to my comuputer and upload them here. I am terribly sorry for my laziness, I know it's a sin, bear with me.

Today we had the last rehearsal for Monday's show, my outfit for the catwalk is quite.. interesting. Let's just say interesting and maybe pictures later on will tell the story. :D Anyways, it's a dress that I'm wearing my new shoes to, yay! My stylist fell absolutely in love with them so I'm guessing I'll be wearing them more often heh heh.

Oh well, now I'm losing it all again so I'll just retreat to my lovely bed and watch some crappy TV or something. Goodnighters!

Pic from last New Years Eve I think... Visiting family friends in Laajasalo.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello again!

So I'm safely at home again, but unfortunately my boat trip home was a bit... uncomfortable so to speak. It was really windy out on the sea somewhere after Åland so the boat was rocking really heavily back and forth which made me insanely seasick. I've never been that seasick, I just felt like dying! It was horrible, so basically I spent most of the night sitting next to the toilet, actually wishing to throw up so the sickness would leave me be. Finally when I realized that my stomach refused to spill anything, I tried to sleep but that didn't really work out either because of the waves. So, when I finally got to Helsinki I was dead tired and just tried to stay awake when my mum picked me up.

So I am waaaay to tired to actually transfer all the pictures from Fors that I had to take with my phone since my camera broke down, so I'll update you right away tomorrow when I - hopefully - wake up after a proper night of sleep.

Godnight and see you tomorrow!

Just to lighten up the mood a little. :D
( if the thing refuses to move, click on it since it's a GIF....)

Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm gonna hit off to the airport in about half an hour, so see you folks later  and have a great week! I propably won't be able to blog since I'm not taking my laptop with me and my phone refuses to open blogspot, but I'll update you again when I get home, hopefully with some great pictures. Byes!

Facelook of the day. Adios amigos and see you on Thursday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm FINALLY done with the God damn picture so now I'm free again! haha.

So, about yesterday. As I said, I was at the Miss Farkku Suomi - shoot from 14 PM to about 2 AM, so it was quite a long and rough day but so much fun! I almost got lost on the way there but then thankfully managed to figure out a ride to take me. Woman and a sense of location... haha.

Anyway, we were acting a class of girls in the 70's, about to go to a dance competition so we were getting on a busy, talking and then in the last scene we got in a horrible bus accident. And here is my lovely make-up of the day. :D

That was SO much fun, I can't even begin to describe it. Tho' it got a little nasty when the MUA did the cut right on top of my old scar. I started feeling sick all of the sudden, the feeling of the brush touching felt too familiar, and the fear and anguish from almost 15 years ago just hit me all over again. So scary...

Anyway, the shoot was a blast and I met a lot of great people once again. Such a pleasure to work with such professionals that know how to make a day unforgettable. Altho' it was a little cold but that's just a small side issue. :D

Tomorrow to Sweden so I just want to relax at home today, maybe watch a movie or two and drink some Julmust! <3 Hope you had a great weekend and if I can't find the time to blog tomorrow, then see you again on Thursday!


I'm working with an Photoshop - assignment my dad's business partner asked me to do a couple of days ago, so I'm just going to get that done and then tell you all about my shoot last night, I swear!

So, brb!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm now going to head off to the Miss Farkku Suomi shoot, will most likely be gone all day so have a great day everybody!

And for some nostalgia - a reeeeeally old picture of me. :D

Friday, December 9, 2011


Okay, the honey, sugar and olive oil  bogyscrub was bloody brilliant.

Even before I had gotten out of the shower, I realized my skin was smooth as a baby bum, no kidding! Insane how much better home made, natural stuff can be compared to the crap you buy from a store.... This is definitively something I'm going to keep using, I've been a huge fan of honey before as well but now I am completely sold for this miracle stuff! From now on I'm only using cosmetics based on honey, haha!

Love you honey. <3


Right now I'm sitting by my desk with a hair mask on my head, listening to Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" acoustic version. Such and amazing song, absolutely love it.

Today I've singing practice again, I am guessing we'll be working with the Christmas song for the show. And home to prepare for the film shoot on Saturday!!

I'll hopefully see my sister and her newborn on Sunday before I head off to Sweden for a couple of days, I hope there will be time for that.

Now I'm going to hop into the shower and scrub myself shining with a homemade bodyscrub made of honey, olive oil and sugar. let's see how that works out!

So, here for your entertainment, a funny picture or two.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well here we go, my Internet is finally working again so NOW I can show you my latest purchases!

So, starting off with the shoes! <3
When I showed my mum what I was ordering, her first reaction was "Oh my dear Lord those are hidious!"
I have to admit that when these came to the market, maybe a year ago or so, I had the same opinion. I thought they made ones feet look enormous and ugly, they we're something I was never going to put on my feet. ( I have a obsession with small feet, I can't stand shoes that make my feet look like flippers...) But then they kind of grow on you somehow... You see them everywhere, and all of the sudden they start looking good with the right outfit... And then, finally, they look simply gorgeous whatever the color, height of heel etc. So when I saw these on the Internet for half the price, I just had to go for it. Thankfully, there were still shoes in my size, 36 in the European measurement, so when I opened the box and tried them on, I was sold! So comfortable and so incredibly good looking I can't take them off!
As billions of Swedish bloggers have said ( my dirty pleasure, don't judge me ) these shoes are insanely comfortable despite the 13 cm heel! It's the plateau that takes the horrible "I'm-walking-in-insanely-high-heels-Jesus-my-poor-ball-of-the-foot!" - feeling away and you can just keep on walking. Love at first sight! <3 My only problem is that I feel weirdly tall in them, I'm standing a whopping 186 cm over the sea while wearing these, yaiks.

And then, as the sugarcoating, the jeans. My holy hell... I walked into One Way today and these babes were right in the doorway, looking at me and screaming "I am THE pair of jeans for you!" So I ripped them from the shelf, ran to the fitting room and realized that I had found the perfect pair of jeans. They fit like a glove and the leather patches on the knees are insanely cool if you ask me!
They are by Zoey M. and the prize was really sensible which made me even happier.

So, now my desire for shopping is healed for a itsy bitsy while... But I have a slight suspicion it won't take long until I'm craving some new fashion items to my wardrobe again. 'Till then I'm going to enjoy my lovely heels and badass jeans. <3


My Internet is behaving like a little b*tch at the moment, so nothing's working properly and am on the edge of ripping the cable into million pieces. Useless piece of cr*p I say....

Anyway, as soon as my Internet is working properly again, I'm going to show you what I brought home yesterday AND what I brought today from One Way. They are both sweeeeet I tell ya, I love shopping especially when it's a discovery like these two!

Be right back when I can, 'till then I'm going to keep listening to Rihannas "We Found Love" and watching TV.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Okay, I'm going to try and get this blogging going again. I feel pathetic after 10 days at the stable, totally disconnected from everything like the media, my computer, TV, gossip, happenings etc etc. Of course there's a TV over there and so on but there's really not much time left over to watch TV or just relax at the house. There's always something that needs to be done in stable so most of the time I'm running around in shitty clothes, shitty hair, with a dozen layers of clothes and big, idiotic shoes and simply enjoying it to the fullest. There's something so incredibly relaxing about not caring about anything else, just doing what I enjoy doing the most and having a blast with great people like Satu, Sofia etc. Such an easy way to spend time.

Anyways, most of the time I just did different tasks in the stable since Ó is still lame on the right front leg so mostly we've just snuggled in the stable. I felt so bad for him when he had to stand in the stable for almost a week, poor guy. Tomorrow a lady will massage him and try to relax the tight muscle that is causing the pain in tölt.
Unfortunately, the course Sara was supposed to keep last weekend, was canceled because there weren't enough participants. Some other time then!

Right now I', back at home again, feeling a little confused since I haven't been at home for such a long time ( it feels like it!) I'm just trying to catch up on everything going on here at home, like me becoming an aunt again!! I am so proud of my sister, and the baby girl that was born during the Finnish Independence Day is the smallest and cutest thing I've seen in a while I tell ya!

On Saturday I'm heading to Tikkurila for the movie shoot I mentioned earlier. It's for a Finnish movie production called Miss Farkku Suomi which is based on an album and also novel by Kauko Röyhkä. I am so looking forward to it!
I'm also heading off to Sweden on Monday to check out the place where I'll be working next year, that'll be fun!

Right now I'm just listening to some David Guetta ( Without You feat. Usher - bloody awesome song!) and soon I'm planning on climbing into bed to watch some How I Met Your Mother, it's been a long time no see my dear HIMYM. <3

I also brought a package from the post office today, but I just decided I'm going to keep you waiting 'till tomorrow and then show you what I bought... ;) Goodnighters and happy "pikkulauantai"!

I can sort of relate to that atm... Hmm, I could take a trip to the fridge....


I'm at home again, tired but happy! I became an aunt again yesterday at 23.57 in the night, I am so thrilled!
Right now I'm having dinner and trying to collect my thoughts a little, when I get that done I'm going to write a better post, I swear! Be right back folks, stay tuned! :)