Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Haha, the title sounds ridiculous. Let's not focus on that shall we.

No but really, I do have a beauty tip for you guys! It's a hair mask that you can make yourself at home - and it's the best mask in my opinion!

Mix together a few tablespoons of honey, a little bit of olive oil and maybe a dash of your favorite conditioner or hair mask together, spread evenly on scalp and in hair and then let it stand for.. well, as long as you feel like it! I usually keep the mask on for at least an hour, just to let the honey do it's magic haha.

Then rinse off and wash just like you always do with shampoo etc. At least my hair appreciates this mask so much, it's always silky smooth and shiny afterwards. And I love the smell since I mix the ingredients with a hair mask from Avon called Planet Spa moisturizing hair mask, and the smell is great!

Claire and I on her birthday in Shooters.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I headed to Ikea this morning with my mum to look for a bed to my new apartment ( BOOYAAH I have my own plaaaaaaace!! ) but unfortunately the one I wanted was not quite what I had expected so no bed this time. But I'm planning on looking for one once I get to Tallinn, so no hurries. There is a bed in the flat so I'll manage for a while, I just think it's a tad too soft so I'd rather buy a new one.

Now I'm trying to clean my room up a little before Californication begins and eat some ice cream. Nighters!

Luke and I on Claire's birthday pub crawl.
Let's not comment on how retarded I look. Or how retarded we both look....

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I am in a sort of lost place in my head right now - with lots of stuff going on - so I don't feel like blogging that much, but let me tell you something.

One day I will live here. One God damn friggin' day, I swear. I will live here and I will be the happiest I have ever been. I f*cking swear.

Till then, Tallinn will do...

Friday, January 27, 2012


I am so excited.

I found THE apartment with an friggin' capital A!!! It is absolutely perfect for me, and the rent is ridiculous, like, I feel like paying more just because it's so friggin' perfect for me! :D

So excited, I want to move todaaaaaaaay. Haha, I'll have to wait a couple of days untill I can actually move...

Anyway, yesterday was LOADS of fun, once again, and today I don't even feel sick! Haha. We just ended up staying at this hostel called Red Emperor, and just celebrated Australia in the traditional way; drinking.
Today most people seem to... umm, regret the last few glasses I think. :D

I have one more apartment showing today, which I feel like is a total waste of time but oh well, might as well give it a go since I'm still in Tallinn. Before that I plan on doing nooooothiiiiiing and just be lazy on the couch. Cheers and laters!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Never drinkin gin ever again I tell you... Ugh, I just want to go back to bed.

God damn Australians and their friggin' 3-man - drinking game!
And since today is Australia day, there's a big party at the hostel and I have a feeling I will not be able to avoid the drinking.... Dear Lord help me.

Now I'm gonna head out in the gorgeous winter weather and then maybe visit a mall to look for a winter coat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am such an idiot sometimes hahaha. :D As I said yesterday, I spent all evening with Siiri ( <3!) and then headed to Tallinn in the morning. Weeell, things didn't really go as smoothly as I had hoped.

I was confidentally walking to the bus to head to the port, and just before I was about to step in the bus I realized I was not supposed to take the bus to Länsiterminaali, my ferry would leave from Katajanokka this time... Woops. Oh well, run run run to the tram and get on it, only to be told 3 min later that the tram in front of us is having some technical difficulties so we're stuck at least for the next 15 min - "if you're in a hurry, I suggest you continue by foot..." Well thank you very much! I have a heavy bag, slippery shoes, only 10 min untill the check-in closes and you're telling me I have to run there?!
Oh well, nothing to do but to put some HC motivational music on me iPod and start running then. Thankfully I made it so now I'm on the ferry, swearing at the bloody WiFi for being slower then a snail crawling over gravel.

So today I have one last job interview ( got and offer so might as well go check it out before I decide ) and then some serious apartmenthunting to do! I have at least three viewings for today, and then have to make a few phonecalls in the evening to talk about tomorrow's viewings.

Now I'm gonna surrender to this bloody Internet and watch HIMYM or something instead. Laters!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Haha, today's shoot was sooo much fun, and for the first time, I felt like each picture looked better than the last one! Amazing, that never happens with me, haha! We only had time to do two different looks this time, but they were great and I can't wait for the finished result.

Here's a quick webcam photo when I had the time before I had to peel all the make-up off and head out in the awful weather for a walk with the dog.

I'm a glam-hippie haha! I absolutely loved this look,  didn't want to take the make-up off.


Talk about me being freaking exciteeeeed!



Today a friend of mine - Petra Lönnqvist - is coming over to have a photoshoot with me, yay! She is incredibly talented and it's always such a pleasure to work with her! She's also a very good rider, and we share the same interest; icelandic horses.
I have a feeling the key word for today is going to be "freezing"... ( The last time we had a shoot in the winter, she had me standing in the snow for like an hour in -12 degrees. Jolly mighty fun aye! )

Now I have to do some tidying up before she gets here so she won't think I live like a pig haha!

A photo taken by Petra. And the laughter is genuine!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Tonight is the night we're most likely going to figure out who will become Finland's next president. Excitiiiing.

I don't really know why I am so curious and sort of excited. Just am for some reason unknown. I guess the last time this happened I was just a kid, and back then it felt like a really big deal, so now I'm sort of re-living that experience. Dunno.

How do you like my new profile picture by the way? I think it's kind of fierce, if I dare say so myself. :D

The hairdo was after modeling for a
friend in a hairstyling competition.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It got to me...

You can now also find me on Twitter!


Seriously, I am becoming just lazier and lazier for each day that goes by... Whoah, need to get a grip.

Anyways, I wanted to show you something I sort of made two days ago.

It's a hippie headband! :D Haha. So basically I just glued a few flowers and leafs on a red headband. I can totally see it looking fabulous with a white dress in the summer or something. I kind of like it, even if I had to swear and argue with the friggin' glue I don't know for how long to make all the flowers stick properly. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today - despite being down with the flu - I've done some cleaning and redecorating on my room. I've mostly just tried to throw out old sh*t that I don't need anymore, and then decided to move my dresser next to my bed. Before it has been standing in a corner next to the door, but I thought I'd be more useful as a nightstand.

I kind of like it, looks a lot more cozy in my opinion. :)


I seriously need to get a hold of my sleeping routine... I've been sleepy like hell the last couple of evenings, but then once I actually go to bed, I can't fall asleep and end up watching The Big Bang Theory or Glee to like.. 2 AM. Woops. And then I wake up after 12.. He.. he...

Anyways. I am sooo looking forward to next week. Guess why?

Because my friggin' SIRIUS is coming to Finland for a week!!!

A roadtrip Siiri! :'D This one is for you sweetie! <3 :''DDD

It's going to be friggin' awesome to see her again, missed her like crazy! <3

Next week I'll be heading to Tallinn for a few days again, to check out some apartments. Hopefully I'll find what I'm looking for.

Now I need to continue eating my breakfast and then try to send some e-mails.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today I met my future employer when he was visiting in Finland.

Yupp. There it is, I've finally found a job in Tallinn and plan on moving there in the end of January, or as soon as I decide which apartment to rent. I've been looking at a few possible candidates for a few days, so now I just need to make some phonecalls and then go take a look at them before I decide which one I want.


This is so bloody scare and awesome at the same time, I can't even describe it.

Claire and I when out celebrating her birthday on Saturday. Coffeeshots!!

I'm going to be working as a sales assistant for this company called Boomerang Distributions. Don't really know what I'll be doing in the very beginning, to be honest, but I'm sure it's going to be fun since my colleagues seem great!
Anyways... Tomorrow I'm going yo Ruoholahti to this spa place for a skin analysis. The model agency gave us gift cards for one free visit, so I thought I'd go there before I move so I know better how to take care of my skin. Totally looking forward to it, it's going to be very interesting I think!

Now I'll keep on watching a movie on TV - night folks!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am so confused. When coming back to Finland, I was tired like hell after one last ( AWESOME!) night of partying with the hostel people, and almost fell asleep everywhere. On the boat, in the train etc... But then, I get home and the sleepiness is gone! Da fuq man, there's got to be something in the air in our house or something because I am up and running like never before. What the hell.

Srsly, I haven't slept much the last four days so I should be passed out on the bed or something, but nope, going strong and most likely going to do that for at least an hour or something. I am so weird.

Oh well, I'm going to keep on catching up on stuff here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So I ended up staying one more day in Tallinn, yay! Gonna check out the flat in the evening with a friend of my mine, and then most likely... hit the city again. :D

Now I'm thinking a short nap - with good music blasting from the speakers in the livingroom - and then a shower could make wonders with me....

Take care folks!


I am so God damn tired today, it's insane. Not a good idea to party till 6 AM if you then have to get up at 11 to check out your bed on the hostel.

So yeah, I'm still at the hostel, too lazy to actually get up and go get some breakfast. Yesterday's pub crawl was awesome, met some cool people and laughed tons. Great night.

Tonight I might go and check out an apartment, which is in Kalamaja. It was a friends former place so it should be alright. Dunno when that's going to happen tho...

Oh well, I'll just carry on procrastinating my breakfast and  keep on laying here on the couch with a dumb, retarded look on my face. Laters!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Yo folks, how's it going.

I am right now sitting at Reval Café in Tallinn waiting for my breakfast. Last night we had a "miniature pub crawl" with the guys from the hostel, and now I must admit, those last two glasses of wine might not have been my best choice that night. I am slightly tired today... and I've got a job interview in less than two hours. Greeeeeat.....

Anyway, the hostel is really great, bloody nice people and the shower room is awesome!! Sauna, a bathtub/jacuzzi - thing etc.And the people are so much fun the be with! We went to different local pubs and bars, and ended up staying at the last one till 3.30 in the night... Woops. Anyway, it was fun and I'm guessing tonight's going to be even better!

My breakfast finally arrive so I'm going to get cracking on that and trying to cure my "minihangover."


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have FINALLY packed and done everything I needed to have done before I leave tomorrow. Phew, traveling is exhausting. But so exciting, I can't wait! For some reason I have a feeling this hostel is going to make my trip a looooot more fun than when staying alone in a hotel somewhere....

This time I have a small laptop with me, so hopefully if I can connect to WiFi somwhere, I'l keep you updated during the trip! As for now, it looks like I'll be gone for 3 days, but you never know what life may bring along.

So goodnight folks and see you laters!

Around 2 AM in the karaoke bar.. I was not
pleased with the waiting for our turn, grr...


Helloo peeps! Sooo so so sorry for the bad updates but I've been busy like never before! It's insane, I just have so much to do and somehow blogging just ends up suffering because of it. But I bet you guys don't mind, Iäm not that important anyway haha.

Aaaanyway, the Estonia trip last week was well, in one word, awesome! Blanca and I had so much fun and I was once again reminded why I love Estonia and Estonians in general! Such a great place to celebrate ones birthday I tell you! Especially if you're wearing a partyhat and singing "Livin' On a Prayer" in the middle of the street at 3 AM. Haha, that was fun.

Here's some pictures since I'm too lazy to write anything more and "a picture says more than a thousand words" or how was it....



Next morning was... umm, snowy....

Now I need to get back to my packing since I'm heading to Estonia again tomorrow for one more interview and a test day at a café. Looking forward to staying at "Tallinn Party Hostel" in Old Town. Should be fun!! :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the arms of the angel - may you find some comfort here

I am feeling a little sick at the moment, afraid I might have caught a flu, so think I have to bury myself under the duvet and just hope that it's nothing. I also have millions of thoughts racing through my head right now so I just feel like... well, doing nothing and forgetting the outside world. Just my thoughts and music in bed. Sounds great. Simple as that...
Goodnight folks, hope I'll be in better shape tomorrow.


I'm home again, finally!

The interviews went well, and my birthday was a blast! But more about that later when my Blanca gives me the photos on Skype. So be right back later today!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I'm supposed to head to Tallinn tomorrow at 11.30 o'clock, and I haven't packed sh*t. Woops. So I better get cracking!

I'm going to a job interview in Tallinn, then sleep over in a hotel in the city and then head to Kaarepere to my relatives on Wednesday. Going to see my new second cousin, can't wait!
On Friday I'll head back to Tallinn again, meet up with Blanca and then spend my birthday in Tallinn with her. I'm turning 20 folks!! My God....

Hopefully I'll have Internet connection at some point, but if not, then have a good week everybody and see you again on Saturday!

My new sweater - if you can even see it properly. It's green!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new year everybody, hope you had fun last night!

I know I had, people were in a good mood and the evening went smoothly except for a few things here and there. ( Like the rocket box falling over and coming at us but no biggie hey... ) And once we got home the party just kept going haha.

Today we had to go pick the other car up and drive it home, but otherwise we've just been relaxing today. Tomorrow we're heading to the stable, I'm going to introduce the Icelandic horse to the Aussies. :)

Picture from last night, taken around 4 AM I think.