Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am such an idiot sometimes hahaha. :D As I said yesterday, I spent all evening with Siiri ( <3!) and then headed to Tallinn in the morning. Weeell, things didn't really go as smoothly as I had hoped.

I was confidentally walking to the bus to head to the port, and just before I was about to step in the bus I realized I was not supposed to take the bus to Länsiterminaali, my ferry would leave from Katajanokka this time... Woops. Oh well, run run run to the tram and get on it, only to be told 3 min later that the tram in front of us is having some technical difficulties so we're stuck at least for the next 15 min - "if you're in a hurry, I suggest you continue by foot..." Well thank you very much! I have a heavy bag, slippery shoes, only 10 min untill the check-in closes and you're telling me I have to run there?!
Oh well, nothing to do but to put some HC motivational music on me iPod and start running then. Thankfully I made it so now I'm on the ferry, swearing at the bloody WiFi for being slower then a snail crawling over gravel.

So today I have one last job interview ( got and offer so might as well go check it out before I decide ) and then some serious apartmenthunting to do! I have at least three viewings for today, and then have to make a few phonecalls in the evening to talk about tomorrow's viewings.

Now I'm gonna surrender to this bloody Internet and watch HIMYM or something instead. Laters!

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