Friday, January 13, 2012


Yo folks, how's it going.

I am right now sitting at Reval Café in Tallinn waiting for my breakfast. Last night we had a "miniature pub crawl" with the guys from the hostel, and now I must admit, those last two glasses of wine might not have been my best choice that night. I am slightly tired today... and I've got a job interview in less than two hours. Greeeeeat.....

Anyway, the hostel is really great, bloody nice people and the shower room is awesome!! Sauna, a bathtub/jacuzzi - thing etc.And the people are so much fun the be with! We went to different local pubs and bars, and ended up staying at the last one till 3.30 in the night... Woops. Anyway, it was fun and I'm guessing tonight's going to be even better!

My breakfast finally arrive so I'm going to get cracking on that and trying to cure my "minihangover."


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