Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Haha, the title sounds ridiculous. Let's not focus on that shall we.

No but really, I do have a beauty tip for you guys! It's a hair mask that you can make yourself at home - and it's the best mask in my opinion!

Mix together a few tablespoons of honey, a little bit of olive oil and maybe a dash of your favorite conditioner or hair mask together, spread evenly on scalp and in hair and then let it stand for.. well, as long as you feel like it! I usually keep the mask on for at least an hour, just to let the honey do it's magic haha.

Then rinse off and wash just like you always do with shampoo etc. At least my hair appreciates this mask so much, it's always silky smooth and shiny afterwards. And I love the smell since I mix the ingredients with a hair mask from Avon called Planet Spa moisturizing hair mask, and the smell is great!

Claire and I on her birthday in Shooters.

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