Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been busy all day today, but I'm finally at home.

So yesterday - around 8 o'clock in the evening - I headed to Helsinki to spend the last night at Siiri's place before her departure the next morning. We basically just hung out with her family and had an awesome night, both Siiri and the rest of her family are such great people, I never wanted to leave. Or let's put it this way - I never wanted her to leave. <3 Oh well, life had to go on and I'm looking forward to her coming back again in a few months to spend the summer in Finland.

Taken last Saturday when we went out to celebrate Blanca's birthday.

Around 12 o'clock today I had a shoot in Kamppi, for a jewelry webshop here in Finland. It was quite an easy and chilled out shoot, and over in a few hours. After that I headed to my sister to dig through her wardrobes etc for stuff she no longer needed and gave to me Got loads of stuff, like a toaster, a pan and a pot, wine glasses, a computer table etc etc. Thanks sis! <3

Now I'm so tired that I'm gonna go and grab some ice cream and then just relax in bed. Nighters folks!

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