Thursday, February 2, 2012


Why - oh bloody WHY - does applying for schools abroad have to be so God damn hard??!!  I am about to lose my mind over here and I've just tried to figure out how this shit works for less than two hours. How the hell am I ever going to understand this shit, especially when it's in a "foreign" language like Estonian? ( my reading skills in Estonian are awful, really...) Bugger shit shit crap I tell you...

Gahh, I can NOT spend another year just sitting around doing nothing. I can feel how my IQ levels are sinking each day lower and lower, seriously! All "wisdom" ever taught to me in school is just running out my ears, and soon I'm going to be so darn stupid that I won't even know how to apply for a school, not to mention study!

Okay, need to get a grip and try to figure this shit out. Perhaps visiting the school could be helpful, maybe they can help me with the admissions etc.

Now I'm gonna go and try to figure out something to eat for dinner, laters!

Pic from new years eve, before we headed to Helsinki.

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