Monday, February 27, 2012


Today's been a very odd day, or at least it feels like it... I've just been running around the city like a mad person, from one place to another.

First off from work to the Old Town to leave my application to the theater academy, then to Tallinn University for some more application - related crap, then to the central library to borrow a few books for my entrance exams, then to the Opera to pay mom's ballet tickets for her, then to √úlemiste keskus for some shopping and buying groceries before heading home and making dinner ( chicken salad with feta cheese - yum! )

I got to say the library was one of the oddest places I've ever visited in my life, seriously. I just wanted to laugh since it was so bloody weird. :D Random signs saying you can't wear outdoor clothing in the library, you have to scan your card before entering the library itself etc etc. It was like walking in a spaceship, haha, so funny.

There is one thing I've noticed now that I live alone.. And that is the fact that I have no appetite when I'm alone. I get home, hungry like a hungry, hungry hippo, but once I actually get the dinner done and start eating, nah, don't feel like eating. it's scaring me a little bit.

Oh well, on to merrier topics! I went to hand in my application to Tallinn Academy of Theater today -


I should be informed in about a month when my exam time will be, I am already so nervous! Better get started on those poems and stuff..

Now I want to carry on talking with my sister on skype and then I should hit the sack so adios amigos and see you tomorrow!

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