Thursday, September 13, 2012

That God damn feeling when menstrual aches feel like giving birth to a T-Rex with very, very sharp claws.

For the love of whatever will make this pain go away, please hear my prayers and leave my poor uterus alone! :(

Other than that, I'm feeling quite blue, will try and shake it off and be back as soon as possible. 'Till then, cigarettes, Hunter Hayes and gallons of coffe will have to try and do the trick.



Monday, September 10, 2012


I ams SO sorry for not updating in about a century but it's sort of hard to when one doesn't have Internet here in the woods!

My days are pretty much the same no matter which day you'd ask about; taking care of horses, riding, eating and hanging out with great people with the same interests. Now and then I try to get back to Espoo to meet my family etc, but most of my time I end up chilling here instead.

At this moment my life is sort of, well, very unplanned. Whenever I try to plan or think about the future, my head just starts spinning and I feel like crawling in a corner somewhere and rock back and forth. So moving on, I'll let you know if I get somewhere in my aimless planning of a life I don't even know that I want yet!

Now I want to go back to watching Sex and the City and snuggling with me soulmate Agnes! :)

Just about the same look that Agnes does when I scratch her belly. :D