Friday, March 30, 2012


Since it's Friday and I have the weekend off, a drink or two it is! I'm gonna relax and do absolutely nothing this weekend, just gather some strength and try to forget all the worries. :)

So cheers everybody and have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sorry for not updating in a while, I've been really busy with work and stuff, so really haven't had time to blog. And on top of that, two nights ago I was in the most pain I've been in a while, it was mad! Headache from hell with a sore neck and back and´feeling utterly rubbish in general. It was horrible, never want to feel like that ever again.

But now I'm back and rolling. ( literally almost, I've gained like 5 kilos in a month... Soon I can roll down the street to work. :D )

Now back to work!

Awwwh how romantic. :D

Hahhahaa, this one still cracks me up... :'D
I am way too simple for my own good...

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Okay, so I might have a small problem....

A money one.
It's not that I don't have any, I do, but it just all happens to be stuck on an account I can't get access to since I'm still waiting for the actual card. And I can't transfer money over to my current card since I can't figure out how the bloody hell the Internet bank works.

Well ain't this fun. Wonder what I'm going to eat today? :'D

Me trying to look concerned when I actually just feel like laughing at myself.
I was actually heading to the store, hence the clothes, but then I realized I might
 want to take a look at how much money I've got left. And then bumped into this small
problem so to speak....

NOOUH doesn't work, buuhuu what am i going to do now when I get bored at work?!
Hestaleit is my bad habit, just browse for amazing horses and try to imagine what life would be like if I didn't have a glorious bank balance of 32 euros. Weeho aye.

Now I have to think about something else then.. Stupid website not working.

Oh well, what you gonna do.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Now I'm proud of myself, feels like I've gotten at least something done.
I went for a run despite the rain, to the store to buy some food and then came home and did some cleaning; refurnished a little and did some laundry. Go me aye! Now I'm sitting and having a late dinner; lazy person's tacos ( which means I just crushed some nachos in a bowl, mixed in a little bit of minced meat with taco spice, cherry tomatoes and cucumber - SO good!!)


Yesterday evening I thought to myself that I might go for a run today, if the weather would be as lovely as it was yesterday. And then I wake up to rain and an insane wind. What is up with that?! For once when I want to be healthy and keep in shape, nature decides to be a bitch. Thank you dear.

So I'm just gonna sit at home and look like an ape instead.
( See how I'm spoiling you here, me without make-up?!)

Anyone have good movie suggestions? I feel like watching something funny.


I am so procrastinating today... I have loads of stuff to do like laundry, cleaning the floors, going to the store etc etc etc but I caaaaaaan't be bothered. Anybody want to do all this for me? Welcome over.

Yesterday's look, since I am absolutely not showing
 my current look of the day on the Internet. :'D
( pyjama, messy hair, chocolate  all over my face I assume....)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Wanna know what is insanely delicious?

Rye bred with avocado, lemon juice and salt on it. YUM! So good. And healthy as well, a thumbs up for that!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sitting at home on a Thursday night, drinking what's left of my opened bottle of sparkling, and eating chocolate while watching The Big Bang Theory. Such a typical day in my life for sure.

Monday, March 19, 2012


The world's greatest he is. My prince, my hero.


... even if I feels like you have all the reason to do so since I'm listening to Danny Saucedo's "Amazing" and scrolling Teenagerpost's. And this made my friggin' day, I have to try this out some day!

Saturday - Sunday night with Blanca was absolutely amazing, we had so much fun!! I am so glad she came to visit, I really appreciated it! <3 As they say, you never realize how much you care about something untill it's not there anymore. So God damn true...

Today I'll try to clean my apartment a little, but since my vacuum cleaner is broken, it's a little tricky. Crawling on all fours with a small brush, sweeping the whole apartment is slightly uncomfortable I tell you. But I really need to get all the crap off the floors, it's starting to look so gross!

But now I shall continue with work for about 1 and a half hour before I'm off for today, weehoo.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So yesterday was shitloads of fun! We went to Embassy, had some Cocaine shots ( for free, thanks random Italian stranger at the bar! ) and then continued to Shooters to dance our tushes off. And of course went to have some nice, nice tacos to Taco place, an obligatory drunkmeal!!

And since today is St. Patrick's day, we're headin to Emperors for the Paddy's day quiz. So hopefully a great sequal to yesterday!. We're already starting off here with some Törley and Taio Cruz - have a nice Paddy's day folks!!


This is what I have to live with at the moment. Somebody, please save me.....? :D

Friday, March 16, 2012


Hahahah, we're getting ready to go out with me Blancs, getting groovy with some country. So we're off out and I swear to God I'm getting Bläncs drunk on Cocaine Shots!! Muahahaha.

Weeee aaaare idioooots.


I am once again surfing tumblr at work since the lines are quite calm today. A very tired me + tumblr + cute animal gifs & pictures = worst combination ever.
I went to meet a friend to the hostel again yesterday and ended up drinking, playing the weirdest drinking game ever and then falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie in the middle of the night. So I've slept like... 3 hours maybe. And Blanca is coming over in just a couple of hours, waaaaaay to go. :D She's soooo going to love me being all hyperactive and giggly, hurraaay it's a paraaade.

Aaanyway, here are some funny pictures to brighten up your Friday if you're feeling low. Or just want to laugh, whatever floats ya boat.

That awkward moment when you’re really hungry and you’re eating with your friends.

Hahahaha. So true. And so cute!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don't understand how it's possible that in the morning, when I get to work, time just seems to fly by and all the suddenly it's already lunchtime. Then, once I've stuffed my stomach full with some food, time just seems to hit a friggin' brickwall and refuses to pass by. Whadapp with that?! I swear to God, after 13 o'clock, I can take a look at the clock after what seems like an eternity and it turns out it's just been 3 minutes or something. Frustrating!!

Oh well. As you propably figured out I'm at work, and trying to occupy myself with the internet while waiting for the next call. it's weird how much fun talking with Swedes can be, they are such nice people!

Now back to Facebooking and surfing on tumblr!

And if you get really bored, try this out. This made me laugh like a maniac a couple of minutes ago.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The electricity in our building keeps on going off so I'm having a nice candle light dinner together with The Big Bang Theory.

Today I finally got my Estonian ID - card, I look like an idiot on it. Haha, oh well, it will have to do. I also tried to go donate blood - don't ask me why, just a whim - but my hemoglobin was too low so they wouldn't allow me to. Bastards.

Now I'll try to put a fire in the fireplace so that if the electricity cuts off again and my radiator dies, I won't be freezing my arsle off. Adios!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


That awkward feeling when you've just walked all the way to the store, get to the door and then realize you left your wallet at home... Well done there moron, well done! Haha, oh well, nothing else to do then to walk home, grab the wallet from the kitchen table and then head out again. Sometimes I make myself laugh. ( or quite often actually but that's a totally different story already....)

So I thought I might as well make a quick update before I head out in the chilly evening weather for a walk to the store. Going to walk to the other one this time so I'll change the route a little, would feel ridiculous to walk back to the first store again. :D

So I'm alive and stuff, just got my first bills for this month and let's put it this way; noodle times ahead! Hahaha, I am going to be so God damn broke by the end of this month!

Wrapped up in my huge scarf  that my mum made me a couple of months ago -
how the hell have I ever been able to cope without a scarf before?! I love this thing!

So, I'm off again and see you laters peeps!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012


For once in my miserable life I don't have to wash the dishes - I've got a slave for that today! Yaaaay!

From photographer to dishwasher, that's not a very good
development of your career my dear friend! :D

Yes, Petra took some pictures and then she volunteered to do the dishes. Well all yours then, who am I to complaint. As I said, we've just finished the photoshoot and now I'm Facebooking, as usual. We're going out tonight again but before that I'm gonna take this make-up off, waaaaay too much for my taste. I need to make sure Petra does some cocaine shots tonight, that's my mission!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I just got fucking punched - this is so bloody hilarious I can't even begin to describe it. Who the hell punches someone, can't you have a fucking decent conversation without involving fists in it?! Hahhaha, dude get a grip. or help, either one that works for you. :D

So yeah, my celebration of women's day at the Emperor sort of ended after just a short visit in. Hahahah, Estonian women need to get some effin' help. :D

I'm gonna go and cure my headache with some aspirin and How I Met Your Mother in bed now, good night folks and don't get fucking punched in the face!


Don't know about the country you dear reader live in, but here in Estonia women's day is quite a big deal. Apparently.... So happy women's day to all the gals out there, let's rock tonight's socks off! Or something. Dunno.

My boss and his colleague came to the office today and gave everyone two tulips and wished us a great day, which was really cute! So weird to see someone "powerful" go all softie for the ladies in the house. :D

I just got home from work and should make some dinner before I'll try to clean my place up a little since Petra is coming to visit tomorrow, yay!! It's going to be awesome to have some Finnish visitors here. :) We're going to do some photoshooting again so that'll be fun. 

Now I'm off to put a fire in the fireplace and then make some dinner, adios amigos!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Since I've got a small flu coming, my employer sent me home today and told me to rest. Fine by me, thank you very much since I feel like shit to be honest. Sore throat, runny nose and every single muscle and ligament aches. Feels awesome!

I just tired to open my new Internet bank and see my balance, but the thing is a frigging Rubic's cube I tell you! I can't understand anything since it's in Estonian and the words are totally unfamiliar to me. Whaaaat the hell. Oh well, at least I have some money. Now I'll just have to wait for the actual card so I can start paying with it at the store.

Now I'm going to make some lunch and then maybe head out to the store, running out of milk I'm afraid...

Yes, I do look like a hobo. My apologies if anyone's traumatized.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I have had a really boring day today. Just went to work, then to the store and  home to make dinner. After that nothing, just sitting by the computer in front of the burning fireplace and trying to distract myself from certain thoughts. Or a certain someone to be more precise....

Oh well, no more about that then. Tomorrow is most likely going to be just as boring as today, but hopefully there'll be some partying on Wednesday since it's women's day then!

Now I'm gonna blast some Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger and clean up in here a little before I hit the sack. Nighters!

Oldie of me, last spring maybe.
I apologize for the insane paleness.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I just got home from the Monk's Bunk once again - starting to become a bit of a habit I'm afraid, not good - but I had a f*cking blast all night! To begin with it didn't look like the night was going to be anything particularly special but then, once we got going with painting a few pictures on the common room wall, things really got out of hand and we ended up making it an all nighter! Hence why I've just gotten home, we have been drunk all night and morning and basically laughing our asses off, my abs are friggin' sore! Haha, anyway, I have a few pictures as well but I can't find my chord so I'll upload them later!

Now I really need some food!

Last night's look, tried to work a straight fringe. Don't really know if it came out nice or not..?

EDIT: Can't fint the bloody chord anywhere and my phone refuses to upload pictures to blogspot so 'll just show you the pictures later, when I hopefully find the chord!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I woke up maybe an hour ago, and I am starving! Even if I had a sandwich when I got home around 4, I am still so hungry I could eat an entire cow!
I went for a couple drinks to the hostel and then ended up joining the guys on a pub crawl. I was not planning that... And after the crawl we went to the Red Emperor to play pool, Luke and I won! Even if it looked really dark to begin with since I scored in the white ball at my first shot.... Woops.

Anyway, I don't have any plans for today so I'll just hang out at home and try to do something productive. Or then I'll just lay in bed.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am having a great day today, for no obvious reason! I just feel really happy and content at the moment, and I had a blast at work. My colleagues are great, I actually enjoyed working with the clients on the phone and I heard some nice "rumors" about me being a quick learner. Well ain't that always nice to hear!

Yesterday I went to the re-opening of The Monk's bunk hostel in the city center, and altho' I decided I'd just go for one drink and then go home, I ended up staying there until 1 AM. That decision was not very appreciated by me in the morning...

So today I think I'll try to clean my place a little, make some dinner and maybe head out in the city night again. Adios amigos!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The amazing photographer and HC make-up artist friend of mine Petra has finally sent me some ready pictures from the last photoshoot we had, once again they are absolutely amazing!

You can go and see all of them here, take the time to check her blog out at the same time! Amazing pictures from different corners of the world and beautiful portraits, animals etc, totally worth scrolling through!

I am the Queen of Broccoliland!

Otherwise I'm busy at work so catch you guys laters!