Tuesday, March 13, 2012


That awkward feeling when you've just walked all the way to the store, get to the door and then realize you left your wallet at home... Well done there moron, well done! Haha, oh well, nothing else to do then to walk home, grab the wallet from the kitchen table and then head out again. Sometimes I make myself laugh. ( or quite often actually but that's a totally different story already....)

So I thought I might as well make a quick update before I head out in the chilly evening weather for a walk to the store. Going to walk to the other one this time so I'll change the route a little, would feel ridiculous to walk back to the first store again. :D

So I'm alive and stuff, just got my first bills for this month and let's put it this way; noodle times ahead! Hahaha, I am going to be so God damn broke by the end of this month!

Wrapped up in my huge scarf  that my mum made me a couple of months ago -
how the hell have I ever been able to cope without a scarf before?! I love this thing!

So, I'm off again and see you laters peeps!

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