Monday, March 19, 2012


... even if I feels like you have all the reason to do so since I'm listening to Danny Saucedo's "Amazing" and scrolling Teenagerpost's. And this made my friggin' day, I have to try this out some day!

Saturday - Sunday night with Blanca was absolutely amazing, we had so much fun!! I am so glad she came to visit, I really appreciated it! <3 As they say, you never realize how much you care about something untill it's not there anymore. So God damn true...

Today I'll try to clean my apartment a little, but since my vacuum cleaner is broken, it's a little tricky. Crawling on all fours with a small brush, sweeping the whole apartment is slightly uncomfortable I tell you. But I really need to get all the crap off the floors, it's starting to look so gross!

But now I shall continue with work for about 1 and a half hour before I'm off for today, weehoo.

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