Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don't understand how it's possible that in the morning, when I get to work, time just seems to fly by and all the suddenly it's already lunchtime. Then, once I've stuffed my stomach full with some food, time just seems to hit a friggin' brickwall and refuses to pass by. Whadapp with that?! I swear to God, after 13 o'clock, I can take a look at the clock after what seems like an eternity and it turns out it's just been 3 minutes or something. Frustrating!!

Oh well. As you propably figured out I'm at work, and trying to occupy myself with the internet while waiting for the next call. it's weird how much fun talking with Swedes can be, they are such nice people!

Now back to Facebooking and surfing on tumblr!

And if you get really bored, try this out. This made me laugh like a maniac a couple of minutes ago.

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