Sunday, March 4, 2012


I just got home from the Monk's Bunk once again - starting to become a bit of a habit I'm afraid, not good - but I had a f*cking blast all night! To begin with it didn't look like the night was going to be anything particularly special but then, once we got going with painting a few pictures on the common room wall, things really got out of hand and we ended up making it an all nighter! Hence why I've just gotten home, we have been drunk all night and morning and basically laughing our asses off, my abs are friggin' sore! Haha, anyway, I have a few pictures as well but I can't find my chord so I'll upload them later!

Now I really need some food!

Last night's look, tried to work a straight fringe. Don't really know if it came out nice or not..?

EDIT: Can't fint the bloody chord anywhere and my phone refuses to upload pictures to blogspot so 'll just show you the pictures later, when I hopefully find the chord!

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