Thursday, March 8, 2012


Don't know about the country you dear reader live in, but here in Estonia women's day is quite a big deal. Apparently.... So happy women's day to all the gals out there, let's rock tonight's socks off! Or something. Dunno.

My boss and his colleague came to the office today and gave everyone two tulips and wished us a great day, which was really cute! So weird to see someone "powerful" go all softie for the ladies in the house. :D

I just got home from work and should make some dinner before I'll try to clean my place up a little since Petra is coming to visit tomorrow, yay!! It's going to be awesome to have some Finnish visitors here. :) We're going to do some photoshooting again so that'll be fun. 

Now I'm off to put a fire in the fireplace and then make some dinner, adios amigos!

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