Monday, February 6, 2012


Today felt like a very productive day I must say. Haha, like I'd be able to be productive höh höh.

Anyway, went to the stable with Blanca as previously stated, and had a bloody fantastic time! The weather was perfect, the pony was acting perfectly and I was enjoying the whole ride SO insanely much!

Hard to start a week better than this...

Anyway, after the stable I got in the shower and then headed to Stockmann. And guess what? My jacket hunt finally gave some results! Found an army-green wool coat from OneWay for a ridiculous sale price - 11,95! Haha, that prize was so pathetic, I simply grabbed the thing and went to pay without a second thought! Awesome.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll head to the stable again, then work from 15 to 21 and then to Tallinn again on Wednesday. More about that later then, now I want to enjoy my glass of Riesling and watch some TV. Goodnight folks!

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