Thursday, February 2, 2012


Haha, or then not!

One more of my do-it-yourself! -experiments going on! This time it's a face mask made of crushed oat, honey and olive oil. It looks totally gross, it's sticky and messy like hell but feels worth it in my opinion! My skin is like a baby bum, and since both oat and honey are very calming and antiseptic ingredients, this mask feels really useful when considered the weather out there...! ( it's -20 degrees and windy like hell out there at the moment. F*cking freezing if you ask me!) 

So hopefully this will do the trick for my poor dried out skin that is not made for this climate. I'll offer you this picture this time, sometimes you have to know how to laugh at yourself. :D

Yes. It does look like somebody puked on me. I'll admit it...

Now I'm off to bed, good night folks!

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