Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today has been one of those lazy days. Just slacking at home, watching movies and eating more chocolate than I should. But the highlight was talking with my dearest Siiri in the morning! We had loads of gossip to share, it was so effin' great to talk to her again after a long ( waaaay too long, we need to shape up Sirius! ) break. So awesome to get to talk with somebody that understands and knows what's going on. Especially when it comes to guys. :D

I also got a sudden urge to watch Disney movies after that skypecall so I watched both Lilo & Stitch and The Lion King in the afternoon. I heart my inner child! <3

There's a nice smell in room at the moment since the hyacinth my ridingteacher gave me, has finally opened and the flowers smell incredible! I'm intoxicated by the smell since the flower is sitting right next to me on the table. Love it.

I'm off to bed - trying to get my sleeping habits back in shape - so goodnight everybody!

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