Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm FINALLY done with the God damn picture so now I'm free again! haha.

So, about yesterday. As I said, I was at the Miss Farkku Suomi - shoot from 14 PM to about 2 AM, so it was quite a long and rough day but so much fun! I almost got lost on the way there but then thankfully managed to figure out a ride to take me. Woman and a sense of location... haha.

Anyway, we were acting a class of girls in the 70's, about to go to a dance competition so we were getting on a busy, talking and then in the last scene we got in a horrible bus accident. And here is my lovely make-up of the day. :D

That was SO much fun, I can't even begin to describe it. Tho' it got a little nasty when the MUA did the cut right on top of my old scar. I started feeling sick all of the sudden, the feeling of the brush touching felt too familiar, and the fear and anguish from almost 15 years ago just hit me all over again. So scary...

Anyway, the shoot was a blast and I met a lot of great people once again. Such a pleasure to work with such professionals that know how to make a day unforgettable. Altho' it was a little cold but that's just a small side issue. :D

Tomorrow to Sweden so I just want to relax at home today, maybe watch a movie or two and drink some Julmust! <3 Hope you had a great weekend and if I can't find the time to blog tomorrow, then see you again on Thursday!

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