Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well here we go, my Internet is finally working again so NOW I can show you my latest purchases!

So, starting off with the shoes! <3
When I showed my mum what I was ordering, her first reaction was "Oh my dear Lord those are hidious!"
I have to admit that when these came to the market, maybe a year ago or so, I had the same opinion. I thought they made ones feet look enormous and ugly, they we're something I was never going to put on my feet. ( I have a obsession with small feet, I can't stand shoes that make my feet look like flippers...) But then they kind of grow on you somehow... You see them everywhere, and all of the sudden they start looking good with the right outfit... And then, finally, they look simply gorgeous whatever the color, height of heel etc. So when I saw these on the Internet for half the price, I just had to go for it. Thankfully, there were still shoes in my size, 36 in the European measurement, so when I opened the box and tried them on, I was sold! So comfortable and so incredibly good looking I can't take them off!
As billions of Swedish bloggers have said ( my dirty pleasure, don't judge me ) these shoes are insanely comfortable despite the 13 cm heel! It's the plateau that takes the horrible "I'm-walking-in-insanely-high-heels-Jesus-my-poor-ball-of-the-foot!" - feeling away and you can just keep on walking. Love at first sight! <3 My only problem is that I feel weirdly tall in them, I'm standing a whopping 186 cm over the sea while wearing these, yaiks.

And then, as the sugarcoating, the jeans. My holy hell... I walked into One Way today and these babes were right in the doorway, looking at me and screaming "I am THE pair of jeans for you!" So I ripped them from the shelf, ran to the fitting room and realized that I had found the perfect pair of jeans. They fit like a glove and the leather patches on the knees are insanely cool if you ask me!
They are by Zoey M. and the prize was really sensible which made me even happier.

So, now my desire for shopping is healed for a itsy bitsy while... But I have a slight suspicion it won't take long until I'm craving some new fashion items to my wardrobe again. 'Till then I'm going to enjoy my lovely heels and badass jeans. <3

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