Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello again!

So I'm safely at home again, but unfortunately my boat trip home was a bit... uncomfortable so to speak. It was really windy out on the sea somewhere after Ă…land so the boat was rocking really heavily back and forth which made me insanely seasick. I've never been that seasick, I just felt like dying! It was horrible, so basically I spent most of the night sitting next to the toilet, actually wishing to throw up so the sickness would leave me be. Finally when I realized that my stomach refused to spill anything, I tried to sleep but that didn't really work out either because of the waves. So, when I finally got to Helsinki I was dead tired and just tried to stay awake when my mum picked me up.

So I am waaaay to tired to actually transfer all the pictures from Fors that I had to take with my phone since my camera broke down, so I'll update you right away tomorrow when I - hopefully - wake up after a proper night of sleep.

Godnight and see you tomorrow!

Just to lighten up the mood a little. :D
( if the thing refuses to move, click on it since it's a GIF....)

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