Monday, December 26, 2011

I heart Louis Vuitton

Holy friggin' hell... I am so blown away right now.

From time to time I help out my old classmate's family by taking their dog out on walks. I have done this for quite a while now, and they have paid me well ever since I started doing it regularly. They also give me a Christmas present each year, and this year the mother really took it too far according to me. Waaaaay to far, this is just unreasonable...

The woman gave me a friggin' Louis Vuitton pashmina! A real friggin' LV!!

I don't care about the fact that I look like a bum - I have a friggin' LV pashmina!!

That thing is worth such a shitload of money I can't even begin to describe how insanely thankful I am! I am never taking this baby off, ever again. Hell, I could walk on the streets with nothing else than the pashmina and underwear on me, seriously. :D
I have never owned LV anything, and most likely never will again since they are so insanely expensive. This thing is never going to leave my household. ever. I absolutely love it.

So thank you Johanna so insanely much, I am never, ever going to accept your payment for the walks again. :D

Now I'm gonna boil me some water and make some noodles to eat with my new chopsticks, made out of cherry wood that the Australians bought to me from Japan. Wow, I am so being spoiled with awesome stuff right now. 


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