Saturday, December 17, 2011


Gaah, I feel frustrated when I lose my inspiration to blog. Not that this is such a big blog and(or that thousands of readers would be disappointed when I don't post on a while, but it just feels annoying to know you'd have stuff to blog but can't find the effort. Mehh. I still have the pictures from Sweden on my phone but I just can't find the energy to actually transfer them to my comuputer and upload them here. I am terribly sorry for my laziness, I know it's a sin, bear with me.

Today we had the last rehearsal for Monday's show, my outfit for the catwalk is quite.. interesting. Let's just say interesting and maybe pictures later on will tell the story. :D Anyways, it's a dress that I'm wearing my new shoes to, yay! My stylist fell absolutely in love with them so I'm guessing I'll be wearing them more often heh heh.

Oh well, now I'm losing it all again so I'll just retreat to my lovely bed and watch some crappy TV or something. Goodnighters!

Pic from last New Years Eve I think... Visiting family friends in Laajasalo.

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