Friday, November 18, 2011


Wow, time does fly when you're having fun doesn't it... o.0 I don't really know what had kept me so occupied lately, but I never managed to find time to squeeze a little blogging there in between. Oh well, back on track.

Basically what I've been up to is stable, stable, stable, modeling school, singing lessons and just hanging out with friends. This Wednesday we had the portfolio shoot at the agency, which was so much fun, and then after that Blanca and I hit Llamas for a few drinks. Which ended up with us missing our train ( d'oh!) and taking the bus home which took forever.... Srsly, it felt like an ice age had the time to pass by before we got to the busstop nearest to us. And then had to walk home from there on top of it all. Sigh, oh well, it was fun so no harm done.

In a few hours I'm hitting off to singing lessons, we are going to practice our songs for a performance in December, exciting!! After that I just wanna relax at home and sleep tomorrow morning since I haven't been able to sleep in the morning all week. So Saturday morning is sanctified for sleep, and then Sunday is going to be all action babies. First my sisters babyshower and then TEEEQUIIIILA night with Blanca. Except I'll skip the tequila and go with Salmari instead. :D

Now I need to get back to some paperwork, have a nice day!

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