Saturday, November 26, 2011


So today was my sisters birthday so basically I've just been chilling with her, eating cake and just being random like hell. My sister is the best person in the world, love her to bits! <3

We also had a quick run at the stable with Blanca, simply rode our horses and then drove back home again. Was quite a quick visit. Ófeigur still seems a bit weird after his illness a few weeks back so I'll have to keep and eye on him, maybe ask my stable manager for a second opinion as well.

Tomorrow I have no plans what so friggin' ever so I'm just going to relax, maybe try to get something useful done and then maybe pack my stuff for a stable stay. I'm thinking about going to the stable on Monday and then stay all week since Sara Ástþórsdóttir is visiting us at Hestbakki again next weekend and I want to prepare Ó. YAY that she's coming to Finland again, I am an official member of the Sara Á Fanclub! :D

Anyways, now I want to go and get some toast, something to drink and then kick back and watch a movie or something. Have a nice weekend folks!

 Two more behind the scenes picture from the "Dior" shoot a few weeks back. 

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