Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since today was fathers day, I've just spent time with my family, eating good food and just relaxing with everyone. I haven't even put on proper clothes, that's how lazy I've been. My sister and Patricia came over to stay the night, and my brothers family visited us in the morning, eating cake and chatting before heading home. So in short, it's been a fairly good day.

Now that everything has calmed down, I have put myself in a sort of melancholy state of mind. Listening to Coldplay's The Scientist and thinking about life in general ain't too healthy for me... I end up in a dark place somewhere in the long lost corner of my mind where I hide all my insecurity, fears and doubts. Once I open the door to that corner, I am lost for the rest of the day, making myself feel worse and worse for each hour that passes by. It's a scary phenomena and I really hate when it happens.

But I can't help it, once I start to deal with the thoughts, I find it hard to let them go. They just swallow me whole and make me want to wrap myself inside a blanket and hide in the corner of my bed. Scary shit but it happens....

Oh well, better lighten up and try to get something useful done. Like cleaning or something, I don't know.

Here's a picture to lighten up the mood, and if I don't have anything worth saying before I hit the sack tonight, then good night and sweet dreams everybody!

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