Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today's been a gray, rainy day but thankfully, spent at the stable, it didn't seem so bad! Good company and horses is always a good cure against a typical, Finnish fall depression. Ó was great to ride, but I need to make sure he's not hurting anymore. After all, he has just gotten over the boil he had in his hoof and I'm afraid he's still a bit tender.

Anyways, new try tomorrow and then singing practice later in the evening. We're rehearsaling for the show in December, let's see how it goes!

Now I'm going to go on a late siesta ( I am so full after a delicious dinner, I need to lay down! ) and watch some TV.

Pic when Blanca and I had to take the hellbus home from Helsinki since we missed the train... 
I'm showing my phone to the camera since it said 01.00 on the screen at this point and I was FRUSTRATED. :'D

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