Friday, November 4, 2011


Today's been a good day. Woke up after a decent amount of sleep, finally, and then just spiked up the volume on my computer to dance around in the house! Best way to start a day, really! Nothing better than dancing around to Darren Chris' Last Friday Night and just letting everything that's been on my mind go. Ah, thank God it's Friday.

Tonight I have stage acting lessons again, but before that I should hail myself to Helsinki Stockmann for some Christmas shopping, kjeh kjeh I wanna spend some moneyyy! Now when I finally have some left over.

I was also looking at flights to London, a trip to visit my sweetest, greatest and best Siiri in Muswell Hill would fit perfectly in my schedule before I take off to Sweden. So Seaweed darling, if you happen to read this before you force your Internet connection to co-operate with Skype, hail yourself to Skype so I can see your pretty face and hear from you again! <3

Now I shall continue my "partying" with some Top Gear and hopefully some more good music. Have a great day everybody!

Me right now in the breakfast table, I look like a homeless person... o.0

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