Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As I said, I went to look at Ó today, who is really hurting I tells ya. He can't walk, he can barely even put the hurting foot down, the poor thing! We're keeping an eye on him 'till Thursday and then take a new look at the foot if it refuses to get better.

Anyways, as I promised yesterday, here are some backstage pictures from the photoshoot we had yesterday! All pictures taken by Blanca who was photographing with my Canon Ixus.

Food is an essential part of getting ready for a photoshoot...

Blanca took over as my hairstylist.

Me parrot! <3

"Take five everybody!"

Yesterday was a good day....


  1. "Yesterday was a good day...."?! Yesterday was bloody excellent day if you ask me! Anyway, I figured you might want to have a little sneaky peaky so head over to http://rebeccascorner.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/something-ive-been-up-to/ and see for yourself.

    Yes, it's my blog. And yes, it's public so "everyone" can see it. But who cares? I love those pictures and their not even edited yet! Ah, my dear, you are a small capsule of perfection!

    And yes, it's me, Bebbu.

  2. that one picture, with the curling iron... makes me miss you guys soooooo much right now :'( And the pictures look GREAT! Heading over to Rebbubebbus page now...adios <3 :D