Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yup, the day has come. I've finally lost the last drop of sanity I ever had in my poor little body, unfortunate but true. Today, on our way home from the shooting, Blanca and I popped in at Yliopiston Apteekki since I wanted to buy something I've planned on buying for ages. And that something is Biotin Forte, a biotin pill made for dogs, cats and horses. Believe it or not. 

The pill contains biotin, methionine and zinc which is supposed to increase growth or hair  and nails, and also calm your skin down if you suffer of a skin both sensitive but with a propensity to impurities. Like me for example. So, after much googling and contemplating, I decided to give it a go. I mean, what's the harm? None of those ingredients are harmful even if you'd swallow all the pills at once ( which I don't recommend for the sake of your economy and sanity ) and therefore you can't overdose. Yay for that! The only drawback  is that they taste like utter shit, let me make that clear. I try to swallow them faster than the speed of light because the taste is just... my God... so gross!
But hey, no pain no gain as they say... Hng, why do I care about my hair so much.... >.<

So I shall keep and eye on my hair and nails for at least the next two months and hopefully I'll see at least some progress!

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