Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Jesus Christ I joined the "weird-ass-dreams-in-the-morning" - club once again this morning, holy cow I tells ya!
Don't really know what the bloody hell my brain was thinking when it made me take a tattoo by a person NOT qualified as an tattoo artist and then wouldn't let me open my eyes because the sun was shining too bright. What the fuq. Sp confusing and weird to wake up from dreams like that and not know what the hell just happened.

Oh well, moving on.
Today I've got my portfolio photoshoot at the model agency, gonna be fun fun fun fun! And after that out for some drinks with me amiga Blanca. Loooong day ahead, thankfully I get to sleep on Thursday. And then rehearsals at Friday, then some sleep again on Saturday and then my sisters babyshower on Sunday. Oh boy, should stop planning ahead like this. :D

Now I'm gonna hop into the shower, have a nice day everybody!

I refuse to admit being this stupid.... :D

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  1. Oh but lets not forget Kyrkslätt mäkkins parkkipaikka... just sayin'