Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wow, I am so confused right now. :D

Just after posting that last post, I lost my way to the Stats - site on blogspot, and noticed that somebody had viewed my blog 5 AM in the friggin' morning this night? Whattaaaa fuq? :D

Who are you, you weird nocturnal creature and why aren't you in bed at 5 in the bloody morning? Haha, I am so confused.
I also noticed that somebody in Russia is, or at least has, read my blog and this sort of amazes me. Who in Russia, or any place else to be honest, would find my gibber jabber interesting enough to read? I feel honored, haha.

Oh well, it's a funny world apparently.
Now I'm going to watch some Glee and try to stay away from the kitchen cupboard where all the sweets are hidden. My sweet tooth is screaming for mercy and begging me to go over there but I have to stay strong. Christmas is only a month away and then we can feast with chocolate like there's no tomorrow, soon darling, soon....

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  1. That would probably be me... I've been suffering from insomnia lately. And I think that was the night I was up until 5 o clock in ENGLAND so that would be 7 there...