Monday, November 28, 2011


I've just finished off packing, I'm fresh out from the shower and now enjoying an episode or two of Top Gear before I head off to Hestbakki for a week. So you'll get a break from my boring everyday life. :D

I'll be training Bloffe for all I'm worth so that we are good to go for Sara's course in the weekend.. It's going to be a great weekend; Sara's course, good company, good horses, a nice courseplace ( we've rented a stable with a riding hall for the occasion ) and I'm sure we'll learn loads of great new things to use in the future!
After the week at Hestbakki, I'll be at home for a week, with the movie shooting the 10th and then the 12th I'm off to Sweden for a few days to check out the place where I'll be living and working from January forth.
After Sweden it's the fashion and talent show the 19th, the same day my relatives from Australia arrive, and the 21th we're going to Estonia for a day with the whole family and the Australians. And then it's already Christmas! Wow, December's going to be a busy month... Oh well, better that than sitting at home, bored out of my mind.

Now I'm going to put some decent clothes on and then wait for my ride. Adios amigos and have a great week!

Old picture, oh how I miss you summer.... If you're wondering, I'm stripy since I've got the venetian blinds down.

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