Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DO..... WANT!

Okay, pardon my groupie - ness for a second, but I found THIS on and my inner petrol head is dying a slow death....

Oh my holy Jesus... I want that car, seriously! It is so God damn beautiful and  amazing - I have to get one some day! One day, I swear, you'll see me behind the wheel of one of those and you'll be picking your jaw up from the dirt. One day.... 
Okay, that might take a while but look at it! Stunning! Altho' another thing that's quite stunning is how thirsty that thing is... 17.5 litres/100 km in the city... woops.

Naah, it's okay.
Anyways, I'm a huge Porsche fan, and especially a sucker for the 911 GT3. One day I want to drive one of those... Untill then I'll stick to what I have.. which is nothing. :D Hahah, does a petrolhead GET lamer than me.

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