Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Another fun day shooting behind again, this time together with Blanca. Unfortunately today's shoot was sort of boring compared to the others I've been too, but at least she knows what it's like now! :)
Aki, the co-producer, also said he had another shoot for me to December, but more about that when I get informed about it properly. But I can spill you a key word; movie. ;) So exciting, I'm starting to become hooked to this feeling.

Now I'm going to stuff my stomach full with some delicious salmon I made yesterday, then get changed and go ride with Blanca. Gonna be a late start today since we get the car after 3 PM, but that's better than no car at all.
Might blog something later if I find the time and energy to it, but if not than have a good day!

Kitchen,  food and Sara Bareilles on the stereo. Life's quite good right now.

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