Friday, June 1, 2012


.. is that they are always so polite, cheerful and in a great mood!
Let me explain the problem with that.

Working in customer service requires a constantly good mood and a good tolerance of, well, annoying customers for 8 hours a day. This would be no problem if I was working with Finns, since Finns are grumpy, annoying, whining b*stards that don't really mind you acting the same way back to them. That's just a typical conversation between two strangers in Finland, no biggie.
Swedes on the other hand, are always very polite, happy-go-lucky - ish and expect you to be that as well! So if you're having a sucky day and just feel like telling everybody to F - off, they will not appreciate it. So working with the incredibly positive and happy people 8 hours a day, 5 days a week can be so extremely exhausting for a person that is after all Finnish and does have bad days every now and then. And during those days it so hard to find motivation to keep the good customer service going.

But thanks to all the lovely Swedes that are thanking and saying such sweet things to us here in the other end of the lines! It always makes my day, and my love for Swedes grows stronger every day.

Just because it was cute....

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