Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hahah, sometimes life can be just too funny, I am still amazed of what happened today at work.

I was listening to the A Very Potter Musical - soundtrack at work, when I had to answer the phone to take a booking. The customer was a 25 year old girl ( or more like woman I guess?) that wanted to book a trip to Helsinki. Once we were done with the booking, I asked how she wanted to pay. She said she could pay it right away with her credit card, but she had to go get her wallet first. She told me she'd put the phone down and go get her wallet from downstairs. I said sure, and since it was taking some time, I started to quietly sing "Going Back To Hogwarts" which has been stuck in my head the last 3 days.
When the girl came back, instead of interrupting me and letting me know she was back, she just listened to me for a couple of seconds before she 'EFFIN JOINED ME IN THE CHORUS!! :''DD

It was f*cking hilarious, I couldn't believe what was actually happening! I just started laughing uncontrollably and she was gasping for air in the other end. It was absurd. Once we gained control over our laughter, we just tried to understand how the situation was possible. She told me she's a huge Harry Potter - fan, and that she absolutely loves A Very Potter Musical from the bottom of her heart.

This was the bloody highlight of my week, seriously. It felt absolutely absurd that she happened to be a AVPM - fan.
Me singing in the phone on the other hand - not so smooth. :D Might wanna tone down the singing at work in general, haha.

So there you go, my day in a nutshell. Nothing else would be worth telling either. :D

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