Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ah, it's amazing how such a simple thing like sleep can make everything seem a lot better. it seems like alll I needed was a nap, cause today I feel a lot better! Woke up almost two hours before work and just made brunch while blasting the stereos with great feel good - music. And the weather is amazing outside so right now life seems a lot brighter.

Unfortunately I will be at work 'till 21 today so no enjoying the sun for me, but hopefully I'll have time to "catch up" with the nice weather tomorrow, or latest on Saturday. Might even try going to the pub and have a drink or two this Friday, now when I'm finally over that God damn sickness! ( who's got the energy to handle all the people in a pub or club when one's sick?! )

( can somebody explain to me why the water - which comes from a bottle of spring water - in my cup tastes like iron...?! o.0 It's not very tasty to be honest.)

Oh well, back to chatting with Swedes on the phone, so have a nice day folks!
Here's some food porn to brighten your day! ( or make you extremely hungry, whatever. :P )

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