Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today, while walking to work, my mind once again wandered off to the wonderful land of random thoughts. I started thinking about my childhood, and how spending most of it at the stable has shaped me as a person.

I've been told I was crazy about horses as soon as I knew what they were. I had truckloads of different horse toys, and according to my mum I didn't run when playing outside , I cantered like a horse. So I think we've established I was born with a certain love for horses for some unknown reason.
When we moved from Kirkkonummi to Espoo - I was 5 years old back then - the first thing my mum did was sign me up at the local riding stable for riding lessons. ( I think I might have whined about it untill she did it...) And from that day on, I basically gre up on the stable. I've been to quite many different ones, but there are three that are significant for me.
The first stable where I rode and had a horse to take care of, was Espoon Ratsastuskoulu in Kauklahti. My best friend at the time took me with her to that stable, and I still remeber such great moments from that time. Spending time with the other girls, taking care of the horses, eating pizza in the pasture while watching the grazing horses. It was a great "first experience"  and lesson on what being a horse girl is truly about.
The second stable that will always remain in my heart is Ponikoulu, which I stumbled uponin junior high school . My friend Lotta and I were told they were looking for stable girls to take care of horses, and of course we headed there straight away! We shared a pony called "Lemona", a stubborn, cranky old mare with vicious teeth and a zero tolerance for bullshit so to speak. She was truly one of a kind, and taught me so much during those years.
Ponikoulu was like my second home, and the owner and teacher Terhi was like a mother to me. I looked up to her and admired her so much, and all the other girls in the stable soon became really close friends of mine. I literally spent every day at Ponikoulu; I'd cath the bus from school the the stable and in the evening, after we were done closing the stable for that day around 9 PM - ish, Terhi would drive me home. I have no idea how I managed to cope with school and homework during that time, but I graduated with average grades so I guess I just made it happen somehow.
Ponikoulu was a very big part of my life, and when it had to move away from Espoo, I was heartbroken. I managed to continue in the new place in Kylmälä for a while, but after a couple of months I just couldn't make things work timewise. I still try to catch up with those girls and Terhi every now and then, and I am incredibly thankful for the time with them. I don't think I've ever been so happy as I was during those times, it was truly the time of my life.

But the one stable that will always stay in my life - I am determined to keep it that way - is Hestbakki! Blanca and I have been "a part of" Hestbakki every since the first day when the horses from Hofgård moved to Hestbakki, and all the people from this incredible stable are like one big family nowadays. I am never as happy as I am when I'm hanging out in Hestbakki. There's something terapeutic about doing stable chores, talking with nice people that share your interest and of course riding on amazing horses all day.
Satu, owner of Hestbakki, is an incredible inspiration to me and every day with her is like a long, incredibly interesting lesson at school. She has taught me so much and there's still so absurdly much left for me to learn from her!! Hanging out at Hestbakki always feels like a holiday, wether you're working there or not. ( and I happen to know that for a fact!)

A small Bible about my childhoold, there you go. There's no way I could ever write about all the stuff that I love and remember from my childhood at the stable. There would just be too much to write about, and I doubt I'd ever to be able to write down what the stable has meant to me during my childhood.

And I hope there are millions and millions of more memories and incredible moments to come with these people.

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