Monday, May 7, 2012


Okay, so the plan to shape up with this blogging totally went to hell, and I have been a lazy f*cktard for weeks now. I apologize for that, but keep in mind that I have been bed bound for 4 weeks now, there isn't much to write about when your day consists of waking up, downing a handful of pills, trying to eat, and returning to bed just to spend the rest of the day laying there, trying to come up with something to keep you sane.

I'm having some trouble shaking this God damn illness, and it's driving me mental! It feels like it's bloody mutating or something and once I manage to get rid of one symptom, the next one is already knocking at my door and letting itself  in without asking me first. F*ckers....

Nevertheless, as previously stated, I have had a lot of spare time on my hands, and that is never good for me. I tend to let my mind wander way too easily,  and it always ends up with me depressing the crap out of myself. So 4 weeks of laying in bed equals a lot of time to think about deep stuff, where my life is going, what do I want to do with it, where will I go from here etc. Deep shit man, and dealing with all of that alone is really hard I tell you!

Oh well, at least I have written something now, letting you know I'm alive! Now I think I'll get back to watching TV and drawin for the first time in months, kind of excited about the inspiration for once!


( some mobile pictures to make up for the sucky updating, enjoy! )

The view from the hill near my place, I like to go there
and just sit and watch the sun go down.

Spring-time in Tallinn.

In the Gatwick Express on my way home from London
a couple of weeks ago. Want to go back so badly!!
UK. <3

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