Saturday, May 26, 2012


I am so friggin' exhausted right now, feels like I've been running around town for two weeks. My feet are killing me, they are filled with blisters and I managed to but sunburned ( typical aye...)

Anyhow, the Tallinn Old Town - days were quite fun, I just strolled around and and enjoyed the atmosphere and the weather of course. I also popped by the library to borrow a book and then sat a few hours in the Old Town park.

I also found a skirt at Lindex, half off so that baby came home with me. I felt like a real housewife wearing it while doing household chores, it was great.

Anyway, after washing two batches of laundry and doing all the dishes, I feel like I deserve my vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries in it, and some Friends in the telly. Have a nice evening!

YUMM! Heeeeello summer and truckloads of ice cream. <3

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