Sunday, May 20, 2012


I finally managed to get my lazy ass out of bed and decided to clean my place up. Always lovely to start a new week in a nice, clean flat instead of a hellhole.

With Elvis Presley spinning on the turntable, some Coca Cola in the Muumin - mug and the sun shining outside I managed to make this place somewhat tolerable. So, I decided to show you guys the result with some pictures, enjoy!

My living/bedroom
I noticed two recurring themes in my apartment; Muumin and Iceland. Hmm...
My dear fireplace.The "nightstand" is actually sort of a basket to keep logs in, but since that
season is kind of over, I decided to turn it into something more useful.
I think it's becoming quite obvious that an equestrian is living in this apartment....
The turntable I inherited from my grandma, love it so insanely much!

Kitchen and front door.

So there you go, a small tour in my apartment. I am definitively very happy with it, I can't imagine I'll ever find another one like this in the same price range! And the neighbors are all very nice, and since it's a small building, it's quiet and calm, nobody blasting music in the middle of the night etc. ( weeeell, except me of course but that's totally different subject....)

Now I believe I deserve some more Coke and maybe some peanut butter sandwiches, byes and have a lovely Sunday!

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