Monday, April 23, 2012


Heeello again folks and SORRY for such a long pause.
It all started when I got sick with the tonsil infection - shit ( still don't really know what the hell was going on there, but anyways ) and the medication they gave me resulted in the worst allergic reaction ever. I got a high fever, threw up an sat on the toilet all night and then became so weak I couldn't even get out of bed . Those were seriously the worst days of my life, I just felt like dying. For a moment, I was close to calling an ambulance after talking to a nurse, since I wasn't able to even drink a glass of water without feeling sick and almost throwing up. So the nurse thought calling an ambulance and going to the hospital was a good idea. Thankfully I managed to get some fluids and noodle soup my throat, and started feeling a little better. The same Friday my parents came to visit so they drove me to the doctor and I got a new medication. ( tasted like shit and made me wanna puke, but thankfully it worked!)

So I have basically been sick for almost two weeks, and once I got better I visited London for three days! It was F*CKING AWESOME! More about that once I get my lazy ass out of bed and get the pictures on my computer.

Now I'm gonna try cleaning my flat a little and then watch some TV, have a good evening everybody!

The best person on earth and I going crazy over the fact that we were in
 the same city again!! Never been so happy to see your adorable face again! <3

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