Thursday, June 21, 2012


I had forgotten about how much fun Tallinn's nightlife is, dear God did I enjoy myself last night!!

So apparently my sister is quite the party animal... We were supposed to go out "for a drink or two" and come home at a decent hour.
We ended up in Embassy where we ran into some friends of mine, and after that the night just derailed. We mingled all night, danced and sung until our feet and vocal chords ached and then drunkenly walked home 5 in the morning.  So that was a new experience, getting drunk with my sister and seeing her dance and sing along to "Wonderwall" played by some bloke outside Shooters. Jesus yesterday was fun....

And now my feet, knees and head sort of ache, and I really need some food. My sister is getting her nails fixed in Ülemiste keskus and after she's done we'll go to Kompressor for some hangover pancakes.

I won't even begin to describe the lack of energy I'm suffering of right now....

And now I have Wonderwall stuck in my head... Great.

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