Thursday, June 14, 2012


Our booking system at work crashed today around 6 o'clock. While I still had 3 more hours to go.
So that was jolly, ol' fun.
Customers were calling at quite a fast pace to book trips, and then there was me, with nothing else to say than "sorry, no can do. System's been down for an hour now, doesn't look good."

But oh well, it was all good since I was wearing my new bow tie to work and it was awesome. I felt like a total clown all day, it was great! :D

And later in the evening Siiri and I discussed about our dream weddings on Facebook for like, an hour. Which was sort of awesome, our weddings are going to kick ass I tell you!

Now I just want to get out of this pen skirt and change into something more comfortable, like a bathrobe or something... And get myself a Nutella sandwich! Yeah, I'm totally gonna do that... Adios amigos!

The view today on my way home from the store.
The picture does not do the sunset justice tho'...

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  1. Am I the only one who goes Nutella = Poland? Oh, Poland - those were some damn good times.