Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today was probably one of the most fun modeling school lessons I've been on in a while. :D We were doing exercises to learn how to express different emotions with both our face and body. My friend Richard and I were supposed to act a couple on a honeymoon, so we just went for it with the holding hands and looking deeply into each others eyes. Then we sort of lost track of what we were doing, so I just improvised and tried to sort of hug/leap into Richards lap, which ended up in a weird "I'm going to cling on to you for dear life/I shall strangle you!" - hanging. :D So when he got the hint that he was supposed to take me in his lap, he tried but ended up showing my butt to the whole class, basically. :'D Thank God I was wearing leggings and could just laugh it all off, certainly broke all the tension there was left in the classroom.

After that it was time to just do faces and act weirdly in front of the mirror and camera. Fun times. Altho' the fun sort of ended there since on my way home, God, Zeus or whoever, decided it was time to friggin' soak me and all hell broke lose as the thunderstorm began. Bloody awesome if you ask me, I hate when it's raining cats and dogs horizontally, add a dash of loud and scary lightnings to the batch and vóla, you basically have me shitting my pants.

Oh well, now I'm safe and sound at home, cursing the weather to the depths of hell and about to enjoy the rest of my evening with some chocolate and a movie. Some lame romcom I think is on the agenda. ;)


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