Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 16 - your favorite memory

Oh God, how the hell am I going to pick one?! I have so many.

But I guess a few of my favorite memories include my days in the stable, adventures with Siiri, doing stuff with people from school, traveling and so on.

One of the greatest memories from the stable include Tvistur, my friends now unfortunately dead horse, that I did so much fun stuff with. Went swimming for the first time, rode bareback without a bridle, posed with in wonderful pictures and so on. He was truly one of the best horses that I've ever met and ever will meet.


  All the stuff we did with the school have also left a significant mark in my heart, especially the school trip to Göteborg in my first year. That was one of the most amazing trips I've ever been on, it was SO much fun! Also the trip to Exeter last year was awesome, and we still meet up with the group that was on that trip, to catch up and reminisce all the fun.


Last summer with Siiri was one of the most fun holidays I've ever had, and left a whole bunch of great memories. And immediately when I get the money, I'm going to travel to London to meet my favorite girl and create even more awesome memories!!

Oh, I get all nostalgic looking at these pictures. Good times man, good ol' times... 

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