Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'm back in Espoo for a couple of days, and I started my "mini-vacation" on Friday by taking a long shower, changing into something prettier than stinky riding pants, and headed to Helsinki with a couple of girlfriends. It was great, I met up with Siiril in Molly Malone's as well and we stayed there 'till 4 AM, dancing and singing along to this live band playing amazing covers of great songs like Highway to Hell, You Give Love a Bad Name, Dancing in The Dark etc tec. It was awesome, sort of felt like being back in England with Siiri again, I truly had a blast.
In order to avoid taking the train or a taxi home, I stayed the night at Siiri's lace and then got a ride home with her when she headed to Ekenäs with her parents. So quite a successful Friday if you ask me. :)

Today we're having a crayfish party with my family, both from Finland and Estonia, and some family friends so I better start freshening up and drag my ass out on the patio to help my dad set up the huge dinnertable. Adios amigos and have a nice weekend!

Mood of the day; happy!

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